Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We are having a....

Well when Braun came back for the week during that crazy time with my dad, I thought...."Heck, since he is here we might as well go find out what we are having!!" With Anisten, I found out right around 14 weeks and of course wanted to do the same thing this time! I am so impatient. Emery and Anisten were already telling everybody it was a boy. Braun told me not to even doubt it because then it WOULD be another girl! Come on.. would that be so bad?! haha! YES! So all 4 of us were gunning for to see a little pecker on the ultrasound. We met at Fetal Photo at South Towne Mall after I picked Emery up from school. I got my belly all lubed up and saw our cute little nugget. It was sitting right on its tushy the whole time though! They couldn't see anything. I decided to get up and go get a sugary drink and eat lunch and come back after. 

14 week belly shot!

Seriously... those cheese dogs are TO.DIE.FOR!!!

Well we went back after about a half an hour and the baby was in the perfect position to see the goods! Aww.. aren't ultrasound pictures so surreal?! It is so insane to me that they can see this little thing inside of you. I LOVE it! So this was about 14.5 weeks. Just like my other 2 babies, this little one had the hiccups the whole time. My girls were loving the fact they could see the baby in there. We all had huge smiles on our faces the whole time!

 Well HELLO there!

Are you ready for it???!!!! YAYAYAYY!!!! It is a HE! We are having a BOY!

Now a teeny part of me is still a little nervous that that thing is going to shrink back up and it'll be a girl. That can't happen right?! I mean... I have only ever seen girl ultrasounds. That is definite right? Well I go in 2 weeks to have my 20 week appointment and so I guess I will find out for sure then! I just get so nervous. But holy smokes... I can't even believe it. Braun was so cute. He had his arms up in the air screaming "Yes!! Yes!!!" I am pretty sure there were some fist pumps involved too. We are BEYOND thrilled for our little guy! Bring on the blue and green! :)

Of course we went and celebrated by getting chinese mani's and pedi's... totally Braun's idea. haha! 

...and then I told Braun how much I wanted Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone.. he sure takes these blasted pregnancy cravings VERY seriously!!


J & J said...

CONGRATULATIONS! He is so cute already!

Caleb and Rachel said...

congrats.. Every fam needs a boy- Your girls are going to love playing dress up on him. :)

The Coopers said...

seriously so fun, congrats to you guys, hopefully we'll get the other sex someday too.

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Tara, that is SO exciting you are having a boy! That's what I want, two girls, and then a boy :) LUCKY GIRL! And LOVE your blog! We need to get together and SEW sometime!??? I want you to teach me stuff!

Julie said...

Congrats! Boys are so fun! You'll love it :)

Scott and Carly Thueson said...

This is funny. Me and my husband have two little girls 6 and 4 and we just found out we are going to have another one and are hoping for a boy. We are trying to think up names and we want something to do with the Thueson Family history (my husbands dad's side of the family) because I have named both our girls from my side of the family. I typed in "Thueson" into Google and this is the first thing that pulled up. Congrats on getting a boy! Wish us the same luck! From, The Thueson's from Idaho Falls

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