Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Some very exciting news!

baby thueson #3 is on the way!!

9 weeks- current gestation
5.5 weeks- when I got a positive pregnancy test
4 negative pregnancy tests AFTER missing aunty flow..
9 days after missed period did i FINALLY get a positive!
2 VERY excited big sisters
16 weeks is how far along I actually look. It is getting a bit ridiculous.
37.5 months between Anisten and the new baby
25 times (and counting) where I thought I was going to throw up and never actually did *thank heavens*
400 questions from very curious big sisters
8 months- how long it took us to get pregnant
3 new cousins coming within a few months of this wee one
1 daddy who REALLY hopes you are a BOY!!
1 big sister who prayed daily for a baby brother for at least a year....

a MILLION times "over the moon excited" about our upcoming arrival!!

and the Facebook announcement.. when Emery tells people about me being pregnant, she always starts it with..."Well Jesus FINALLY listened to my prayers!!!" (with a semi- annoyed voice) Too funny!


Morgan Rapp said...

That is exciting news!!! yaaaaay!

Christiansen's said...

Congrats Tara, but question for you... wont Anisten and this one be more like 37.5 months apart because she will be 3? Sorry I promise I am not a crazy stalker that keeps track of your kids, I just know we were pregnant at the same time with our second kids :)

The Thueson's said...

hah! Yes.. I did mean that. Got it fixed now! Gosh, I am a moron sometimes.:)

Kels said...

Hooray for cousins! I know you do girls well, but our little buddy would like another little buddy to play with!! (I guess I should tell Braun that since he's the deciding factor) :)

Angie said...

Congrats!! I can't wait to hear what your having!! I'm excited to see you soon! Hope we can get together more this time your in town!

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