Thursday, July 21, 2011

Being a mother...

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These past few weeks I have had a lot of time to think (as I am lying down on the couch trying not to toss my last meal!) about being a mom. I am so grateful that I was chosen to be a mom and also stay home and raise my 2 little girls.  On a particularly rough day a few weeks ago, I remember thinking... "What in the heck was I THINKING having 2 babies so close in age/Why did I get pregnant after only being married for 6 months?" Luckily those thoughts are far and few between but still, I hate thinking that way. That night, I sat down and grabbed the Ensign and read a conference talk on being a mother and a wife in this time. It made me stop and think about how lucky I really am. I love that I don't have to take my kids to daycare. I love that I get to stay home and relive my childhood through theirs. It is so fun going out and playing with sidewalk chalk for hours at a time.  Why on earth would anyone complain about that? It makes me feel bad for Braun that he has to miss those sweet moment that I sometimes take for granted. I got these journals for all of us called One Line a Day. You make a quick 5 line recap of your day. In my girls books, I write the funny things they do or say. It has spaces for the next 5 years so you can see how far your kids (or you) have come or what you were doing on that day 1,2,3,4 years ago. It is really helping me to cherish the small and insignificant things we do day to day that one day I am sure I will miss. I wish that I had done it since they were born. If you feel you don't have the time to journal everything but want to remember the cute important things your kids say or do, I highly recommend those! :)

The other day, we had just gotten back from the pool and were about to walk into our apartment. I was stopped by my neighbor who was just sitting in his car. He is an insanely nice guy. He has this thick Milwaukee/black accent and is always telling me how cute my girls are.  I asked him what he was doing in his car and he said he was stalling so he didn't have to go inside to his wife and her kids. His wife had just had hip surgery and he said she was awfully ornery. I sat out there and talked with him for a bit. He asked me how many kids I wanted and said that I needed to have "dozens" because my girls were just too adorable to not have that many. He told me that he could tell I had a "gift for being a mom." I asked what he was talking about because I honestly didn't understand what he meant or how he would even know to say that because we always just briefly see one another while walking to our cars/houses. He said you can just tell.  Some people are always yelling at their kids, talking down to them, never actually "playing" with them, constantly harping at them, etc. And honestly, if you really stop to look around, a lot of parents are that way. It makes me sad. I am not saying I am perfect, heck.. I have gotten mad at my kids plenty of times but in the end, they know that I love them.  I am happy that someone else notices that too. I am lucky to have been raised in Utah. I think living in Utah and being raised LDS has taught me so much about families and creating a happy environment for your kids to grow up in. Moving out of state every summer helps me to realize that fact too!! I have heard more moms than I can count out here saying nasty things, swearing at their kids, and just being horrible examples for them and it makes me sad. Sad because kids don't need to be treated that way.
I don't know what brought on this post, maybe it is because I am feeling so incredibly grateful lately. I can't believe that I will be a mom to 3 kids. I seriously couldn't have picked a better life for me to have. I couldn't have picked a better partner in crime either! Braun is seriously the best husband I could have ever asked for. He is strong when I am not. He is patient when I am not. How in the heck did I get so lucky?! Anyway... kids are awake now. Bellies need to be fed! :)

But what is a post without pictures?! 

 Yes, Anisten is totally going potty in this picture. And this is my daily look I'm sporting not done, in pajamas all day and what the heck is makeup?! I think this was about a week or so ago which would put me at about 9 weeks in this picture. I told you, I get large FAST!! ;) You should see my side profile!

There is nothing sweeter than a dad with his baby girls!! Oh they love their daddy so much!

Emery has changed races this summer. She is sooo tan!  I sunblock her everytime we go to the pool too. I used to love playing with wet chalk on the sidewalk. Emery loves it too! Double the mess, double the fun!

...and my current view. I've popped! 

 Oh this was soooo funny. Emery was in her room last week and she started screaming for me to come in. I run in thinking something was wrong and she goes..."MOM!!! I squirted out some lotion and it looks just like the baby in your belly!" haha... I love the crazy things they think of. 


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Ah! I love this post. You really are such a good mommy and it just broke my heart hearing about that guy stalling to go inside to his wife or thinking of the little ones without happy homes. I love your thoughts though - and I sure love your pics! Your baby bump is always the cutest.

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