Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roly Poly Hunting

Emery is obsessed with bugs. Roly Poly's (potato bugs) to be exact. Every morning she asks, "Are the Roly Poly's out yet mom? Can we go on a hunt for them?" Last year at our apartments in Wauwatosa, they were EVERYWHERE!! She would pick a big tulipy flower thing and fill it with them! So now of course, she associates Wisconsin with bugs. Haha! Anyway, this particular morning we went on a hunt and couldn't find a single one on the sidewalks. We walked past our friends apartments and they told us they had seen some in their flower beds. So we checked there. They were INFESTED with 'em!! Emery was in little bug lovers heaven! It looked like they were just hatching because they were teeny tiny!

We even had to bring out dad for the party!

...and then Jake...

Funny story. Emery was planning these little bugs life for them as we were hunting for more. She was figuring out where they were going to "live" and picking plants for them to eat. I grabbed my trusty phone and googled "what do potato bugs eat?" and found out that if indoors, potato bugs like to feast on dead skin, other dead bugs and they will lay their eggs in your ear, up your nose and in other places potato bugs definitely should NOT be!!! Nasty. Well I'm reading this to Braun because,well, I'm grossed out and Emery was right there. Next thing I know, Emery hands me a crumpled up ball of tin foil and says, "mom, I bet Roly Poly's don't do those things if they can't get out of their house!" bahahah! You're right Emery, they can't. They'll be dead! Oh I love their way of thinking!! :)


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