Thursday, June 9, 2011

Potty Time!

Well last week we went and bought this silly little Dora seat. Anisten is VERY independent. She wants to do EVERYTHING on her own. Let's say if I grabbed her out of her seat in the car and put her on the ground, she immediately has to get back into the car, climb into her seat and then get out on her own. Does it drive me nutso??! Yes. But I have learned to just let her do it in the first place so it doesn't take any longer than it already takes!! Okay back to the story.. so I bought this toilet after she refused to let me help her get on the toilet. She hops onto it front ways and swings her leg around and straddles the toilet. Well what do you think happened?? It was only a matter of time before she fell in!! Hence the Dora seat. (Which she also refuses to sit on now!) Anyway... last week I was just trying to get her used to the idea of going potty on the toilet. I don't feel any need to rush her into potty training. I felt like when I rushed Emery, was when she really refused to cooperate. I feel like I can help ease them into it, but they can do it when they are ready. (Now if she was like 6, it would be another story!! yikes!) So tonight we were over at Rachel's house and Anisten started taking off her diaper. She told me she needed to go potty which happens a few times a day. But usually she will sit on the toilet and hop off saying she is done before she even goes potty! So I didn't think today would be any different. But I took her anyway. She hopped right on and went potty!! I was AMAZED to say the least! She was beyond excited for herself. She kept asking me if she would get a "teet" now (treat). She has since gone 3 more times in the toilet and I haven't even had to ask her! She immediately had to call her dad and she left him the funniest message. Oh boy... let's hope tomorrow is just as successful! :)

Remember when I was potty training Emery a few summers ago? I swear.. it was a nightmare. I would be grocery shopping (this happened at Target TWICE and Costco ONCE!!) where Emery decided she would stand on top of everything in the cart and pee?! Oh for hecks sake. I have never been more frustrated or embarrassed in my dang life. (Which is why I have been dragging my feet with Anisten!) Gosh.. parenting sure is rough sometimes!


Kara Simmons. said...

I remember you telling me Emery peed over everything in Minnesota! That's just awful, but funny! Way to go Anisten!

ThE CrAZy GaTEs! said...

Congratulations!! Thta is awesome.. Now I just have to learn your secret to get McKenzie to go on the potty!

j.c. delgaudio said...

Try the towel potty training method.

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