Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Past week or 2 via iPhone...

This is going to be a super random post!

Anyone read this book?! It was really good. I found myself talking like the ladies in it throughout my day! Haha!


Emery and Diesel are inseparable. I used to think Diesel probably hated Emery and her constant need to hold him but he loves it. When she sits down, he jumps right up on her lap and lays down.

Cheesecake Factory!

Cab rides in Chicago...

Yummiest salad in the whole world. I eat it for lunch almost daily!

We went to the pet store one morning and Emery saw some kitties. She asked me if we could get rid of Ellie and Diesel and trade them for some kitties. Apparently she doesn't love Diesel as much as I thought! ;) Anyway, Braun sold a house that night and they had a kitty so he sent this to Em.

The pet store!

Isn't the road we live off in Milwaukee BEAUTIFUL?! oh gosh, I love driving through it. Not at night though because I swear Vampires live in it. Haha! Too much Vampire Diaries?! I think so! ;)


The Thatchers said...

I read The Help!! I love it! They are coming out with a movie of it in August. We should go!!

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