Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Past week or 2 via iPhone...

This is going to be a super random post!

Anyone read this book?! It was really good. I found myself talking like the ladies in it throughout my day! Haha!


Emery and Diesel are inseparable. I used to think Diesel probably hated Emery and her constant need to hold him but he loves it. When she sits down, he jumps right up on her lap and lays down.

Cheesecake Factory!

Cab rides in Chicago...

Yummiest salad in the whole world. I eat it for lunch almost daily!

We went to the pet store one morning and Emery saw some kitties. She asked me if we could get rid of Ellie and Diesel and trade them for some kitties. Apparently she doesn't love Diesel as much as I thought! ;) Anyway, Braun sold a house that night and they had a kitty so he sent this to Em.

The pet store!

Isn't the road we live off in Milwaukee BEAUTIFUL?! oh gosh, I love driving through it. Not at night though because I swear Vampires live in it. Haha! Too much Vampire Diaries?! I think so! ;)


I made my girls some pool/beach robes last week. I saw a cute pattern on Dana Made It and knew my kiddos would love them! They were suprisingly really easy to make until it got time for the bias tape around the edges. I officially HATE bias tape. But if you cross your eyes and look at them, the edges look really good! ;) haha!!

Would that be weird if I made myself a matching one?! Haha!

P.S. Only one more month out here in Milwaukee?! Can you believe it? This summers gone by so fast!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bradford Beach

We went to church on Sunday and then headed over to the beach! It was such a fun day!! We got to relax on the towels while the kids played in the sand. Lake Michigan is real cold! Rachel is a nut and got in it though! :) We are probably 20 minutes from the Lake. We usually go to this pretty secluded area but tried this busy one! It was so fun. There are tons of volleyball courts set up all around, food, music, oh and how come no other states besides Utah, Cali an Hawaii have shaved ice stands?! I want a dang snow cone!!!

Anisten in her stunna shades!

Love cute little girls dancin' at the beach!

CJ cat-calling the elderly!

I was told my hat makes me look like a cotton picker. Baha! I love it!

I love this boy!!

Hip poppin' dance moves!

I can't wait to go back. We had so much fun and it was such a pretty beach! Maybe next time I'll be brave enough to get in! ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Potty Time!

Well last week we went and bought this silly little Dora seat. Anisten is VERY independent. She wants to do EVERYTHING on her own. Let's say if I grabbed her out of her seat in the car and put her on the ground, she immediately has to get back into the car, climb into her seat and then get out on her own. Does it drive me nutso??! Yes. But I have learned to just let her do it in the first place so it doesn't take any longer than it already takes!! Okay back to the story.. so I bought this toilet after she refused to let me help her get on the toilet. She hops onto it front ways and swings her leg around and straddles the toilet. Well what do you think happened?? It was only a matter of time before she fell in!! Hence the Dora seat. (Which she also refuses to sit on now!) Anyway... last week I was just trying to get her used to the idea of going potty on the toilet. I don't feel any need to rush her into potty training. I felt like when I rushed Emery, was when she really refused to cooperate. I feel like I can help ease them into it, but they can do it when they are ready. (Now if she was like 6, it would be another story!! yikes!) So tonight we were over at Rachel's house and Anisten started taking off her diaper. She told me she needed to go potty which happens a few times a day. But usually she will sit on the toilet and hop off saying she is done before she even goes potty! So I didn't think today would be any different. But I took her anyway. She hopped right on and went potty!! I was AMAZED to say the least! She was beyond excited for herself. She kept asking me if she would get a "teet" now (treat). She has since gone 3 more times in the toilet and I haven't even had to ask her! She immediately had to call her dad and she left him the funniest message. Oh boy... let's hope tomorrow is just as successful! :)

Remember when I was potty training Emery a few summers ago? I swear.. it was a nightmare. I would be grocery shopping (this happened at Target TWICE and Costco ONCE!!) where Emery decided she would stand on top of everything in the cart and pee?! Oh for hecks sake. I have never been more frustrated or embarrassed in my dang life. (Which is why I have been dragging my feet with Anisten!) Gosh.. parenting sure is rough sometimes!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roly Poly Hunting

Emery is obsessed with bugs. Roly Poly's (potato bugs) to be exact. Every morning she asks, "Are the Roly Poly's out yet mom? Can we go on a hunt for them?" Last year at our apartments in Wauwatosa, they were EVERYWHERE!! She would pick a big tulipy flower thing and fill it with them! So now of course, she associates Wisconsin with bugs. Haha! Anyway, this particular morning we went on a hunt and couldn't find a single one on the sidewalks. We walked past our friends apartments and they told us they had seen some in their flower beds. So we checked there. They were INFESTED with 'em!! Emery was in little bug lovers heaven! It looked like they were just hatching because they were teeny tiny!

We even had to bring out dad for the party!

...and then Jake...

Funny story. Emery was planning these little bugs life for them as we were hunting for more. She was figuring out where they were going to "live" and picking plants for them to eat. I grabbed my trusty phone and googled "what do potato bugs eat?" and found out that if indoors, potato bugs like to feast on dead skin, other dead bugs and they will lay their eggs in your ear, up your nose and in other places potato bugs definitely should NOT be!!! Nasty. Well I'm reading this to Braun because,well, I'm grossed out and Emery was right there. Next thing I know, Emery hands me a crumpled up ball of tin foil and says, "mom, I bet Roly Poly's don't do those things if they can't get out of their house!" bahahah! You're right Emery, they can't. They'll be dead! Oh I love their way of thinking!! :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

The pool opened!!

Our pool finally opened at our apartment complex. It's about time too! I get annoying headaches if I'm out in the heat too long (I blame the crazy humidity out here! Ya can't breathe!) and my kids were constantly wanting to be outside since the weather has been so nice lately. Can you blame them?! So now that the pool opened, it's a win win for both of us! :)

Emery and her bestie, Jaidyn.

Rachel, Anisten and myself. Notice that ash tray to my right?! Yeah, the kids would NOT stop playing in it. Disgusting. Next time I think I'll empty it beforehand!

Heidi and Mila!

Emery is a little fish. She swims for hours!!

Anisten took of her suit and was attempting to put it Back on. I hear her saying , "mom, takeapicshaamee!" haha...they know me too well!

This pose was all Emerys idea... Goofball.

I am so excited to have something to do everyday now! :) ooh and guess what?! We are coming back a month earlier than planned this summer! Okay so it's not 100% for sure yet but pretty sure. I am both excited and not all at the same time. I look at the summer as sort of a break. Nothing too important on the to-do list, long summer days hanging out with friends, pool days, estate sales, weekly recipe swaps, etc. So to only have it for 3 months instead of 4 will be weird. Being home in August?! That's very weird. Braun has now worked in summer sales for 8 years. That's nuts to me. How has he handles this job for that long?! I couldn't take a day of it. Anyway, I don't know why I'm saying all of this. But the cute husband just walked in so I better say goodnight! :)
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