Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the road again...

(these posts are a little out of order, I'll fix them later on my computer!)

Well it's summertime again! (Even though it snowed last week!) We are in Milwaukee again this summer. We LOVED it here last summer. It is the prettiest place we have ever lived. I am pretty sure Wisconsin has at least 25 times more trees than any other state in the U.S. Ill have to take a picture of the street we live off of, it's beautiful!!

It's a 23 hour drive and when traveling it with a 2 and 4 year old there's bound to be some meltdowns. Suprisingly, there wasn't!! The kids were SOOOO unbelievably good on the way out.

We were filled to the brim!! Don't mind Ellie in this picture. Pretty sure she is cleaning her "lady parts" in this picture!! ;)

There was lots of coloring, stickers, movies, treats and games on the way...

Oh and homely looking little ones... Come on, you can't look cute on a road trip!!

We were smiling and happy on the first part of the drive but after about 3 hours it gets a little old!! Funniest part of the drive was when we looked over and saw a deer in the back seat of someones car!! It was a little unexpected but we were dying laughing. We were in Wyoming if that explains anything. Haha!!

Oh boy, when I saw a Panera we had to stop. Holy sheesh.. I NEED to find their Macaroni and Cheese recipe. I found their French Onion soup recipe but need to try that one too. WHEN are they going to build Panera's in Utah?!

And while eating at Panera, we looked out the window and saw a Claires. Apparently we were feeling a little spontaneous because we went and got little Anistens ears pierced!! :) I'll save those pictures for another post though but they sure look adorable! :)


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