Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moving to Milwaukee!

So we have been out in Milwaukee for about 2.5 weeks now.. it has been really nice being out here. I can't wait for it to warm up though! It has been quite rainy out here. One day it is in the 50's, the next day the 60's. I hear Utah is the same right now. Mother Nature can't make up her mind I guess! Today I went to take the dogs out and it was already 65' so I am hoping that means warm weather is finally here! I think I will be regretting that statement come July though when the humidity and heat makes my hair look like a LION.

I went to my first estate sale of the summer this morning too! I got some cute vintage tablecloths, a couple scarves, some doilies (to make the blanket seen HERE) isn't it cute?! and I think that's it.

We started a for real chore chart with Emery since we have been out here. It has worked wonders on our little stubborn girl. She has 10 things she has to do every day and we pay her a nickel for each thing she completes. She loves sticking the little stickers on each of her "jobs" she finishes. Anisten has one as well but she doesn't get near as excited about doing her chores as her sister does! I used the cute printable chore chart found HERE.

I have become obsessed with sewing again. It is what I want to do all day. Obviously, I can't with my 2 little crazies running around all day. I have suprisingly finished a lot of projects since I have been out here. My favorite part of the day is 1pm when little Anisten is napping and Emery is having her "quiet time!" My good friend Rachel is out here with us this summer and I think we feed off of each others creativity!! :) We have very similar taste and it is helping me get back into the groove! :) I have about 10 quilts being planned in my head.

So I am obsessed with Pinterest. Are you on there? It is so amazing. It is a place to catalog all of your ideas. You see something online you want to make, a recipe you want to try, a skirt you want to buy, a house you love, etc...You PIN it to one of your boards and it is always there to remember. I could sit on it all day. Good thing my kids keep me busy or I WOULD be on it all day! ;) My pinterest link is HERE. You can also follow people and their favorite pinned things will pop up on your feed. It is a brilliant idea. I signed up for their waiting list about 3 months ago and I still haven't gotten an invite! So being invited by someone already on there is your best bet. If you need an invite, let me know in the comments and I can send you one.

Well Anisten is napping and I have a quilt back to piece so I gotta run... Have a good day!


Ani Schmidt said...

I would love an invite to Pinterest if you have one to spare! I love all of the items you've put up already!

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