Friday, May 27, 2011

My body aches!!

Today was a VERY productive day. I don't know what got into me but as I just laid my head on my pillow I realized this is the first time (including dinner time!) that I have sat down since 7:45 this morning. I'm POOPED.

Joanns Memorial Day sale started today and I needed to get a few things for some quilts I'm working on. So Rachel, Heidi and I headed over there so we could get there right at 9AM. All of the husbands watched the kids so it was super nice to shop just us! :) We got back and the girls and I played outside for awhile. Emery always wants to go on "Roly Poly" hunts (potato bug hunting) and they haven't seemed to have come out for the summer yet. Emery got a new princess dress from the Disney store yesterday and besides bedtime, it's been on her 'round the clock!

Oh my goodness! She came up with a brilliant idea today. She said she would be Cinderella and I could be her evil stepmother. She then told me I needed to tell her everything she needed to clean up and she seriously went around the house cleaning for a good 20 minutes!! It was FANTASTIC and something I hope to do daily! ;) I knew we played "pretend" non-stop for a reason! :)

I am making a secret something for a special someone out of these fabrics. So I needed to get them all cut and ready to be sewn! So that was next on the agenda... And I surprisingly finished it all during Anisten's nap!

Oh and in the midst of everything else, I did 8 loads of laundry!! We went up to Greenbay, Wisconsin for a few days and so I was a little behind on laundry.

I also attempted making homemade tortillas tonight for dinner. They were really good!! I could've just ate those for dinner. Yum.

Then Braun calls and asks if I can get breakfast for his office tomorrow. He makes a special request for Cinnamon rolls! I made a HUGE batch of copycat Cinnabon rolls in the Bosch. I was super nervous it wouldn't hold all of the 18 cups of flour it called for, but it did it with ease!
Haha! How's that for a long log?! There was 2 of those!

Yummy--I can't wait until I get to scarf one of them down in the morning.

So quick recap of my day:

*Roly Poly hunt
*Cut tons of fabric for secret project
*made tortillas
*made dinner
*grocery shopped
*did 8 loads of laundry
*cleaned house
*bathed kids
*made 4 batches of cinnamon rolls

Good heck I'm exhausted!!!! Let's hope tomorrow is much less productive. I need a break! :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the road again...

(these posts are a little out of order, I'll fix them later on my computer!)

Well it's summertime again! (Even though it snowed last week!) We are in Milwaukee again this summer. We LOVED it here last summer. It is the prettiest place we have ever lived. I am pretty sure Wisconsin has at least 25 times more trees than any other state in the U.S. Ill have to take a picture of the street we live off of, it's beautiful!!

It's a 23 hour drive and when traveling it with a 2 and 4 year old there's bound to be some meltdowns. Suprisingly, there wasn't!! The kids were SOOOO unbelievably good on the way out.

We were filled to the brim!! Don't mind Ellie in this picture. Pretty sure she is cleaning her "lady parts" in this picture!! ;)

There was lots of coloring, stickers, movies, treats and games on the way...

Oh and homely looking little ones... Come on, you can't look cute on a road trip!!

We were smiling and happy on the first part of the drive but after about 3 hours it gets a little old!! Funniest part of the drive was when we looked over and saw a deer in the back seat of someones car!! It was a little unexpected but we were dying laughing. We were in Wyoming if that explains anything. Haha!!

Oh boy, when I saw a Panera we had to stop. Holy sheesh.. I NEED to find their Macaroni and Cheese recipe. I found their French Onion soup recipe but need to try that one too. WHEN are they going to build Panera's in Utah?!

And while eating at Panera, we looked out the window and saw a Claires. Apparently we were feeling a little spontaneous because we went and got little Anistens ears pierced!! :) I'll save those pictures for another post though but they sure look adorable! :)

Late Nights...

One of the fun things about summer sales is when the boys hit their goal for the week, Braun gets to take everyone in the office out for dinner on Saturday night! Dinner starts at about 11PM which is GREAT for the kids bedtime! ;) Can you see my sarcasm in that sentence? We went to Texas Roadhouse on Saturday. My kids had already been in bed for about 2 hours but who wants to miss out on Texas Roadhouse rolls and cheese fries?!? Not me!!

These two are hysterical lately. They are the best of buds and I LOVE it!! They giggle and play together all day long.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tired Girl...

Anisten loves to "Cu-Yer" all of the time. Grandpa Thueson came over to visit the girls one night and brought them some stickers. She played with them for about a half hour and then I noticed it was really REALLY abnormally quiet. Usually when that happens, it is never a good thing but what I saw when I walked in sure was funny!!

Mothers Day 2011

I had such a great Mothers Day this year! We woke up a little late and had church in about an hour, so Braun gave me the option of either making us breakfast or getting the girls ready for church! haha.. that was easy! Have you ever seen Braun get the girls ready? Oh BOY! Not a pretty sight. BUT... have you tasted Braun's pancakes? They are heavenly!! So it was an easy decision for me. We ate breakfast together and then went to church. It was our first week at church in Milwaukee. Our church building is a little more normal looking than last years. I kind of missed going to church in a cute little Swedish house! Emery gave me her little Mothers Day present from preschool. I LOVED it so sooo much. She thinks I am 9 and my job is to clean up! Gotta love little 4 year old minds. Hey, she was spot on with going to Target though! I do love a good Target run!

and her adorable little 4 year old handwriting.. does it get any better than this?? I don't think so.

My hinting WORKED!! I have wanted a pressure cooker for awhile now so I can can chicken, beef, beans, make mashed potatoes in 10 minutes, potroasts in an hour, I could go on and on. That is what he got me! I borrowed my mother in laws last time I canned chicken and took pictures so I could one day (the day obviously hasn't come yet) post a tutorial on canning meat. I will call her and get the details so I can post it.

doesn't it look so gross? Yeah, it does. This will soon become your favorite thing in your whole pantry though. Canned chicken makes dinners so quick!

I love that Mother's Day is on a Sunday. It gave me the whole day to spend it with my kids and husband. We chatted with our parents later that night. I am so grateful for my little family. Becoming a mom has been the greatest blessing in my life! I saw this on the side of my LuluLemon bag on Mothers Day!! haha! I laughed.. it was so fitting for me to read it that day.

I am grateful for a mother that always taught me by example. I sure do love her! I am also incredibly grateful to have such a great mother-in-law! Between my moms and my grandma's, I have some amazing footsteps to follow!

Moving to Milwaukee!

So we have been out in Milwaukee for about 2.5 weeks now.. it has been really nice being out here. I can't wait for it to warm up though! It has been quite rainy out here. One day it is in the 50's, the next day the 60's. I hear Utah is the same right now. Mother Nature can't make up her mind I guess! Today I went to take the dogs out and it was already 65' so I am hoping that means warm weather is finally here! I think I will be regretting that statement come July though when the humidity and heat makes my hair look like a LION.

I went to my first estate sale of the summer this morning too! I got some cute vintage tablecloths, a couple scarves, some doilies (to make the blanket seen HERE) isn't it cute?! and I think that's it.

We started a for real chore chart with Emery since we have been out here. It has worked wonders on our little stubborn girl. She has 10 things she has to do every day and we pay her a nickel for each thing she completes. She loves sticking the little stickers on each of her "jobs" she finishes. Anisten has one as well but she doesn't get near as excited about doing her chores as her sister does! I used the cute printable chore chart found HERE.

I have become obsessed with sewing again. It is what I want to do all day. Obviously, I can't with my 2 little crazies running around all day. I have suprisingly finished a lot of projects since I have been out here. My favorite part of the day is 1pm when little Anisten is napping and Emery is having her "quiet time!" My good friend Rachel is out here with us this summer and I think we feed off of each others creativity!! :) We have very similar taste and it is helping me get back into the groove! :) I have about 10 quilts being planned in my head.

So I am obsessed with Pinterest. Are you on there? It is so amazing. It is a place to catalog all of your ideas. You see something online you want to make, a recipe you want to try, a skirt you want to buy, a house you love, etc...You PIN it to one of your boards and it is always there to remember. I could sit on it all day. Good thing my kids keep me busy or I WOULD be on it all day! ;) My pinterest link is HERE. You can also follow people and their favorite pinned things will pop up on your feed. It is a brilliant idea. I signed up for their waiting list about 3 months ago and I still haven't gotten an invite! So being invited by someone already on there is your best bet. If you need an invite, let me know in the comments and I can send you one.

Well Anisten is napping and I have a quilt back to piece so I gotta run... Have a good day!
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