Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Double Coupon Wal-Mart Trip

This trip was sooooo much fun! Here are the details:

Things purchased:

26 Betty Crocker fruit snacks (gushers and regular)
5 Brownie mixes
5 kids toothbrushes
6 dental floss
5 soft scrub
5 409 cleaner
5 crest toothpaste
5 Colgate toothpaste
5 crest kids toothpaste
5 aquafresh kids toothpaste
1 Magic Eraser
8 Tin Foils
5 Stuffing
3 Powdered Sugar
2 Brown Sugar
6 String Cheese
3 Glade Air Fresheners
5 Shout Wipes
11 Simply Lemonades
4 Motrin
5 Yeast Packs
5 Bic Razors
5 Degree Deodorant
2 Oatmeal
2 Poligrip (free-donating!)
1 Nail Clippers
8 Heinz Ketchup
1 Disposal Cleaner
1 popcorn kernel bags
1 popcorn seasoning
1 gallon Milk
1 Dozen eggs
1 cereal
10 3pack Listerine Pocket Packs

Total before coupons and price matching: $320.42

Total out of pocket after coupons and price matching: $33.89

Total savings of: $286.53
Saved 89%!!!!!!!

I bought 168 items making each thing about $0.18 a piece!


I may do one more class next week before I leave for the summer--if you're interested, leave a comment below or send me a FB message! :)


{Rollins Family} said...

i'm IN, please please please do it...i can't believe this trip, holy cow!!

i ran to the grocery store today and bought 3 bags worth of stuff for $45!!

Joslyn said...

That is seriously amazing! If u do a class let me know and maybe I could fly up there if I can find a rental car for cheap

Jennie B. said...

Tara! Seriously. Love your coupon high. By the time I got to Walmart, all of those freakin brownies were gone and most of the fruit snacks! GRRRR!!! It's never fun seeing other binders in that store besides my own. Good job for beating everyone there! Dibs you quit telling your fans about the deals. UNTIL Wednesdays! I always go with Melanie when I coupon and it is WAY more fun with a friend! I'm so sad you guys are leaving this summer. :( Who am I going to brag to?

Brayli Holt said...

Hi Tera, this is Michelle Mills not Brayli Holt. She took over my blog....long story. Any way I would love to come to a class. I can get a few people to come with me. Let me know date and time!!! e-mail me mm66@comcast.net

The Girly Tomboy said...

my mouth honestly dropped open. I'd love a class to learn your mad coupon skills.

Fancy_Glancy said...

Tara- I don't know you :) you went to school with my sister and brother but I would love to come to your class. Will you let me know if you do it....missyglancy@hotmail.com?


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