Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you LOVE Google Reader like I do??

Well if ya do, I have the best news since sliced bread. Seriously. So I always just click through peoples blog posts that way (and if you look at the picture below, you can see I am very behind. About 2,906 blog posts behind!!) Anyway... I have the BEST NEWS for you if you look at blogs like that. I took some screen shots so you can see how I did it.

Okay this is what your normal google reader looks like. This is how I usually read peoples blogs. No cute backgrounds, just a plain jane webpage. LAME-O!

So click that little bolt icon in the top right corner. Then click on 'Reader Settings.'

It will take you to a page where you can then click on 'GOODIES'

Scroll down until you see this part. Now see that icon that says 'next?' You are going to click and drag that icon to your bookmarks toolbar that is at the top of your browser. Then see the 'subscribe" icon that's a little further down? Drag that up to the top of your browser too!

See both of them up there on the left side?? Now here comes the magic... click on the 'next' icon!

Then keep clicking... and clicking... in my case, click it 2,906 times. ;)

Now.. another thing that I hate is when I find a new blog that I love, I have to go and open up Google Reader and copy+paste it to subscribe. Well, now you don't have to do that either. I love finding little ways to make my life easier. All ya gotta do now is click on the 'Subscribe' bookmark you put up there and it subscribes to it automatically!

Are you amazed??? YOU ARE WELCOME!!!


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