Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well we are headed back from a
fun few days at the Sand Dunes! We packed up the trailer, 3 kiddos (Kendall came along) 2 dogs, Braun and I and a whole bunch of food and movies and headed out! We got a new fifth wheel before the winter and we have been itching to get out and use it!! ;)

We only got one MAJOR dent in Brauns truck this time. For heck sakes, last time Braun hit our house backing the trailer in. So surprisingly, his truck was a little better than our HOUSE and our BRAND new trailer!! When are we going to figure this camping shiz out?!?! Oh and no warm water worked AND we found out one of the pipes sprung a leak too which meant no showering either. Haha! It was still fun though. Let's just pretend I took pictures okay?

Like the picture I should have taken of Emery and Kendall trying to take her Barbie jeep up sand mountain. Yeah, that would have been a good one.

Once I realized I was sucking in the picture department, I snapped these two from breakfast this morning.

My kids kept saying over and over how much they love camping. Which made the dent, no warm water, no showering, etc. TOTALLY worth it. :)

Side note: This coupon class is going to be AWESOME!!! I can't believe how many people are coming. It's looking like about 25 so far which makes me a tad nervous but still, it's going to be awesome!! The more people the merrier! So come if ya can! :) Also, if you can't make this one, I have another one on March 24th for my Relief Society that you could come to as well!


Letti said...

I wish I lived closer to come to that class.

I remember going camping as a family when I was younger. I have some great memories of those days. My family loves camping too.

Brayli Holt said...

Hi Tara, This is Michelle (Gentri's Mom) I know the blog address is for Brayli but she took over my blog. Anyway, I really wanted to come to your class but had Bingham stuff the night at your house and on March 24th I am off once again to Bingham Cheer nationals in California. I really want to do this coupon thing. If you don't have any more classes scheduled you are welcome to do one at my house and I know tons of people that would come. Let me know what you think!

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