Monday, March 14, 2011

California...Days 1 & 2

Well we decided to make an impromptu trip to California last week! Braun had his last week off before we leave for the summer and us girls wanted to take full advantage of it! :) We loaded up our trailer and headed to San Diego.

We left at about 10 am and got into San Diego around midnight. With 2 little kiddies, we make plenty of stops and don't rush it. It makes it nice! And the great thing about bringing our 5th wheel along is when we need a bathroom break, we pull off and use our own super clean bathrooms. Oh it's so nice. Around 10 that night, Emery got a bit hyper. It was so cute. Braun looked back at her and she had this huge grin on her face. We asked her why she was smiling so big and she told us,"I can't stop smiling!! I'm just so excited to go to Disneyland!"

She then tried to "wipe off her smile" because she said it was making her cheeks hurt! Oh I just love her!

We got lucky with our kids. They are RARELY awake before 9 and this trip was no exception! Which was a very good thing because Braun and I were dang tired from the day before.

We got all gussied up and went to do a little shopping.

My kids LOVE Nordstroms. What girl wouldn't I guess? They have at least 20 pairs of shoes tried on before we leave (which drives me nuts!!) but they sure get attention from everyone walking by.

Oh I seriously debated over these shoes. I LOVE them. Is the bow too big?? Gosh-I couldn't decide. Help me??

We went to CPK and vegged on salad and pizzas. Emerys pizza of choice is pineapple and olives. Eew.

The tostada pizza is AMAZING!!! I'd never tried it before and I loved it!

Got some dLush milkshakes! Holy amazing. Those sample people really got us on those ones!!

And while dad was taking forever in the bathroom, the girls had a little dance party.

Haha! I had to take a pic of our convo. I died laughing when I read Brauns text. He's so gross. ;)

The girls were zonked by the end of our day. I was too!

Braun was hoping he would get a nap in too but the second we drove into our KOA, Emery perked right up and was ready for swimming! Can ya blame her!? Our Utah winter has seemed Sooo long! It's about time we got some warm weather.

Oh jee whiz-gas prices are RIDICULOUS!!! $4.39 for Diesel. Not a good time to drive to a far away place, eh? Especially getting 8.7 miles to the stinkin' GALLON!

Excuse the dirty-ness of this but I saw it and had to laugh!! Dang true though.

Sea Worlds next!!


Audrey said...

That sounds so fun! We're going to Vegas this weekend and I can't wait to go swimming! Also.. when I saw that pizza... I though those pineapple chunks were french fries.. And I actually considered trying it before I read that it was pineapple. LOL

ThE CrAZy GaTEs! said...

Looks like soo much fun!! Braun is too dang funny. .and gross...

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