Friday, March 4, 2011

51% back on Magazines today!!

Okay sorry, one more deal post. I totally took advantage of this deal when it was on a while ago and I am so excited that it is here again! :) Are you guys members of eBates? It is a program that pays you cash back for doing online shopping just like you normally would. So like if you wanted to buy something from Old Navy, you would go to and then from there, click on their Old Navy link. It opens up a 'ticket' to that store and you get a % of your purchase back. It is awesome!! So for todays deal, you get 51% back on your order from which is AMAZING!!! You could order Parenting or Parenting Early Years magazines and get those high value diaper deal coupons that I posted about from Amazon. I think you get 22 issues of it for $5 after you get your cash back.

Here is a link to sign up for that too! Trust me on this one, you gotta do it! :)


Kara Simmons. said...

Okay I just did it. But where does the cash back go? Does it just work for ebates or does it go back on my credit card? I was a bit confused! Thanks sizzle for posting this!

Spencer and Erin said...

Hey Tara- this is Erin, Braun's cousins Spencers wife! I jump on your blog from Rachel's! I just want to say thanks for putting all the sweet deals on your blog!! I love it!!!

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