Saturday, February 5, 2011


So Braun and I had a little day date on Thursday! We went and had the most horrible 75 minute (it was supposed to be 90 but the ladies cut out early!) massages. We bought it off Groupon a while back and I am even mad I paid $50 for it! Ya live and ya learn, right? Our lunch made up for it though. We went to Pawit's up in Holladay! It was highly recommended by some friends of ours.

Braun apparently wasn't in the mood for pictures that day.

I want to go back already! Seriously though, stay away from "A New Day Spa" in Holladay. Soooo bad.


{Rollins Family} said...

Ugg...eric and I are going to get our massages on saturday, they better not skip out early, i'll be PISSED!!
Gotta love a groupon deal though, I seriously might be addicted!!

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