Friday, February 18, 2011

Las Vegas.. Day 2

(I just realized I have had this saved in my drafts for a few months!)

Well we started this day off by heading to the gym! I have become such a gym girl the past few months. It's amazing how good a little working out can make ya feel!

and then I probably ate 10x's the calories I had just burned by eating this delicious breakfast panini! We ate at the pool and there were people swimming IN JANUARY! crazy people. It was pretty warm (low 70's) though I guess.

Today was a full (like 11am-midnight) day of SHOPPING!! I seriously couldn't even believe how big of a sport Braun was! Didn't complain once that day. Amazing man, right?

He was even able to squeeze in some work while we were there! :)

He did sneak a nap or two in in the dressing rooms with me.

I got him converted to LuluLemon! No joke, he probably said "I seriously LOVE these pants" at least 15 times that weekend!

I convinced Braun to get his eyebrows threaded! It was awesome to watch and they looked so good after. Again, Braun is such a good sport to my crazy ideas!

After Fashion Show mall, we headed over to the Venetian and walked around. They had this extremely creepy huge bunny that occasionally blinked! It was weird. Who comes up with their decorations??!

Our damages.. I am now set on workout clothes for at least a few years! It was a very successful trip if I do say so myself! :)


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