Monday, February 28, 2011

Coupon Class and Today's Walgreens Haul!!

So today was AWESOME!! I got crazy awesome deals at Walgreens. It's definitely the week for freebies!! Want to see what I got?

How much do you think I spent??

Well let me tell ya what I got and their retail prices.

6 Baby Magic Lotions $22.74
7 Baby Magic Body Wash $26.53
4 Vicks Cough Drops $3.96
16 Colgate Total Toothpaste $47.84
5 Aquaphor Lip Treatments $24.95
5 Nivea Lip Gloss $14.95
2 Motrin $6
6 Peroxide $4.14
3 Puffs $4.14
2 Stickers $2.00
1 Donuts $1.59
4 Crest Mouthwash $19.96

My total before coupons was $185.64. Yikes!

Let's hear your guesses!! ;) Okay, I'll just tell ya. $27.24!!!! AND I got $27 in Register Rewards (free
money) for next time I go to Wal Mart or Walgreens! So basically I got all of this for.......



Want to learn how to do that?? I am going to have a "Couponing Class" at my house this Thursday! It's at 6:00. Come alone, bring a friend, whatever!! You will be able to sign up for your newspaper that night as well if you'd like to! If ya don't know where I live but you want to come, send me an email at tarathueson [at] gmail [dot] com

Also, if you can't get a sitter but want to come, I am going to have someone here to watch the kids upstairs while we are downstairs. It will be $10 for the night. My guess is it'll be about 2 and a half hours. So let me know on that too! :)

Anyway-- leave a comment below if you're going to come!


Holly said...

Holy crap... you are amazing. Hi. I went to school w/ Braun btw. I won't be coming because I live out of town but I TOTALLY want to know more.
I'm a bargain shopper but I always get fraziled in the store if I'm not organized. Reason being, I usually have 14 month old twins w/ me.
My other problem is I always seem to find coupons for things my family doesn't use.
What's my first step in couponing, simply?

{We Are The Wade's} said...

what!!! i LOVE babymagic!! I would LOVE to come!

Vernos said...

Tara, are you having someone come? or are you hosting it?

Joslyn said...

Oh I wish I lived closer so I could come! You are wonderwoman!

Kristin Morris said...

That is amazing. I teach dance that night :( but I'm totally interested. Please let me know if you ever do it again (kris_romney at hotmail dot com) Thanks!

jkzank said...

I should be there!

Deets Family said...

You should record it and put on here so all of the out of towners can learn!!

Ben and Andria said...

So you're the one who bought all the babymagic!!! Ha-ha I went to get some the other day and they were clean out! I guess I have to be quick if I'm going to beat out all the true savers! You're awesome Tara! I've seen people who can coupon, but you have a real talent for it:)

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