Friday, January 28, 2011

Las Vegas--Day 1!

Braun is so darn cute. Last Tuesday he could tell I was having a rough day. I wasn't feeling very well and he had been working a lot. He called me into his office at about 10 pm and asked me if I'd like to go to Vegas on Thursday for the weekend!! Of course I did!! I love Vegas! So we rounded up a sitter (Thanks Ash and Jake!!) and left bright and early on Thursday!

What's a roadtrip without a trip to the gas station to fill up on treats?!

Our drinks of choice...

Seriously, I could eat 2 dozen Krispy Kremes before I ever got sick of them. They're Sooo yummy!

We stayed at the Trump! This hotel is unreal. It smells like heaven and the service is fantastic!! :) There isn't a casino in there which is why I love it so much! You don't feel like you're staying in dirty Vegas and literally, you walk out the front steps and you're at Nordstroms front door! Score!!

Notice the TV in the mirror? I was able to watch plenty of the "You're Cut Off" marathon on VH1 as I got ready! :)

I think this tub could fit about 6 people comfortably! ;)

We went and got some pedicures and manicures (Brauns choice, may I add!) at this little Chinese joint. It was great. That night we went and had some delicious Maggianos. We were serenaded throughout dinner by these cute little old guys playing those gigantic cello (I think that's the word for a large guitar thing, right?!) things like they do on the movies. So cute. The food there is to die for!

After dinner, we shopped around a bit and then went back to the hotel! Day 2 will be next! :)

Cookie Deliveries...

I have been trying to teach Emery about being thoughtful of others. I think it's really important to teach kids her age this simple concept that makes a world of a difference! So a few Sundays ago, she asked if I would help her make cookies! I agreed and then she told me that she wanted to decorate some and take them around to her friends in the neighborhood. It sure makes you feel good to see your kids wanting to do nice things for others without me having to push for it! :) So we made some yummy sugar cookies and the girls and I got to decorating! I had to take pictures of the "during" part--having 2 little helpers does NOT make for a clean workspace!

And here is the cute delivery girl out delivering cookies in the single digit temps!

Making Goo!

Well today I promised my kids that if they were good, we would make some goo later tonight! Anytime they started being stinks, I threatened to take away the "goo-making" and they were angels! ;)

My little Oreo faced Anisten. Silly girl!

I caught her sneaking into them all day today!

It is the coolest stuff to make and play with! I got the recipe from and you can make a few batches in less than 5 minutes! :) My girls LOVED it. Definitely going to be making lots of this!! :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

50% off at!!

I love a good deal and thought you all might like one too! :) Today ONLY you can get a $20 gift card for $10 on Living Social. Just click this link:

and buy yours! I stinkin' LOVE Amazon. Dirt cheap prices and I get everything shipped to me in just 2 days for free using their Prime account. Oh and P.S. you can buy more than one if you use separate emails!

Happy Shopping!! :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sister Wives....

Anyone watch that show?? I love it. I don't know why but it sure intrigues me! We were at Costco the other night when I walked into the freezer section and spotted Christine!! I have never in my life seen a normal looking (as in without the side swooped bangs, dress, long braided hair and a 4 inch long gold snap clip!!) polygamist but there she was. I followed her around for a good 10 minutes just to find the perfect moment to snap a picture! It was totally awkward but she was awesome!! Super nice and she even laughed at my dumb jokes I was making while trying not to look like an idiot! ;) pretty sure I failed.

Oh and I had to snap a picture before I asked her for one. Ya know, just to make sure it was gonna work.

Can't wait for the show to start back up! March 11th... Just incase you were wondering! ;)
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