Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy as a clam...

We took the kids to go and see Tangled. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest movie ever! By far my favorite princess movie. It is so much fun being able to go out with both of our kids, do something we all love and not have to get a babysitter!

We got us a large popcorn and no joke, Emery seriously ate ALL of it. I had one handful and I was not in the mood for it. That girl and her popcorn... she LOVES it!

Anisten watched it for a good hour or so and then the stairs looked a lot more fun for her. She is a lot busier than Emery ever was. Emery would sit there and watch 5 movies in a row if I would let her!

Creepy eyes...

Holy smokes.. I love my kids. They are seriously the best. Funny story...Emery totes Diesel around with her all day. I will find him in the sink, laundry basket or other random places she will hide him. She thinks that if she sticks him in those places, he won't dare jump out so she always knows where he is. She has also become a cheeseball.. She will come up to me with this big grin on her face and say..."Mom, I just love Diesel soooooo much. I just wanna SQUEEZE him because I love him so much."

Funny thing is, I do that to her all of the time!


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