Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our Whirlwind Weekend!

This past week was super busy with Oh Sweet Sadie and all. It was such a good show and just wanted to say THANK YOU if you went out there!! It was fun wasn't it?? Well on Friday afternoon I got a text from Braun saying he had boughten 25 tickets to go and see Unstoppable and had invited a bunch of friends from work... PAUSE... real quick, I just went to find a picture of the Unstoppable show. WELL... for some reason this site came up and look at how crazy these people are! YOWSA!!! If you want to see more, go here!

I am sorry, but seriously???? That would be SOOOO uncomfortable to have all of that stuff hanging off of you! Do any of you remember Mr. Feline from above?? I had totally forgot about when I ran into him in California!! Yikes!

Haha.. Okay, sorry for the randomness! Anyway... back to Unstoppable. It was a really good show!! I swear after the show finished, I needed to reapply deodorant AND get a massage to work out all of the knots in my back and neck for being so uptight the whole show!! WOW! It was intense!

Saturday was just as fun! We went up to... dum dum dum... Red Iguana 2 for lunch!! That place is so yummy! We hadn't been to the new one yet and so we packed up the kids, invited my sister and her husband and headed up!

Their chicken chimichanga is AMAZING!!
Of course, there always has to be a meltdown or 4 during any outing, right???

So yummy... Oh and so I decided to opt out of Gluten Free eating for lunch when I went! My tortilla messed that all up! I started using DoTerra oils and their vitamins (and I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE them and what they've helped with in my body!) But they have an enzyme called Terrazyme that supposedly will help aid in the digestion of foods. More specifically in my case, GLUTEN! I have only taken them a few times but they really seem to help! We'll see though... I am testing it again tonight at dinner at mi madre's house! My fingers are definitely crossed!) Holy smokes though... those oils are UNREAL. If you suffer from headaches, try rubbing their Past Tense blend on your temples and upper neck. It works so much quicker than any medicine you take and it is all natural! :) I can get it for you if any of you want to try it or any other oil for that matter... they're great!

Saturday night, we went to a surprise birthday party for my friends Brooke and Jesse! It was great seeing everyone from the Milwaukee summer 2010! :) I wish I would have gotten pictures from then, but I didn't. Woops!

We also celebrated my brother Justins 32nd birthday on Sunday! My mom made delicious chicken pot pies and then I owned everyone in a little Catch Phrase!!

Gotta love busy weekends!!

Okay.. I am off to can some chicken now! And yes, I am documenting the process to show you all how it is done! :) Have a great day!


Jonathan and Kiri said...

Oh my gosh are you serious? That food looks amazing! Ah! I would do almost anything for Mexican food right about now. Ah! I'm so happy you opted out of your Gluten Free eating because that sounds delicious! I'm so glad Oh Sweet Sadie was so much fun. I know my mom and sisters LOVED it - like always.

I'm excited to hear about this canning chicken - I didn't even know that was possible.

PS. I love love love the new blog design!

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