Monday, November 1, 2010

our little fam....

oh for heavens sakes.... i sure love my little family.


Cami Jo said...

That was awesome.

Karen said...

Hi Tara,

This is Karen (Soulier) Bourne. I hop onto your blog every now and then when I'm on other blogs of people who also know you. Am I a major stalker, or what?!

Anyway, I have Celiac disease and just saw that you are dealing with eating gluten free. It's quite the adjustment isn't it?! Once you get into a system though, everything works out. I could probably write a novel, but just so you know...Chex cereals are gluten free (obviously, not the wheat chex), kix, trix, cocoa pebbles (fun to make "rice krispie treats" with those). I like the Udi's and Kinnikinick brands for bread. Udi's is nice because you can eat it room temperature and it's not bad. Almost every other gluten free bread needs to be eaten warm or toasted because they don't taste as good.

Also, there's a store in Taylorsville called Against the Grain. The whole store is gluten free. It's really nice. You start learning about some brands that are good. I have a cookbook called, Life Tastes Good Again (I believe you can get it at Against the Grain and Good Earth) which I like. It is nice to go to when I want an idea for something or when I need the recipe for corn bread. It really is a great book, you should look into it. Also, my mom is a really good resource because she has learned how to cook gluten free for my dad and brother (and my sister has it, too! 4 out of 7 in the family!).

Good luck. I know it's a hard adjustment. You can do it! I have lots of migraines, too.

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