Wednesday, November 17, 2010

come to a boutique and support my sister all at the same time!

Well hello there... I just wanted to tell you all about another boutique going on this weekend! It is the Jeni Gochnour Holiday Show up in Holladay! I think you all should go! :) There will be a lot of really cute things from a lot of vendors. Please read all the way to the bottom... it gets good! :)

Holiday Art Show
Wednesday, November 17th - 6 to 9pm
Thursday, November 18th - 9 to 9pm
Friday, November 19th - 9 am to 5pm
at The Holladay City Building
4580 south 2300 east(Holladay blvd.)

Now.. onto the real goods.

My little sister has struggled with a rare seizure disorder since she was about 14. She is now 22. I wrote up a little post on my sister a couple years ago on this little blog of mine to enter her into a makeover thing on TV. (and yes.. she won!! :) )

Jackies Story

Well.. where do I even start?? Jackie has had a really tough hard life. When Jackie was 14 she randomly started having seizures. The doctors couldn't figure it out. She didn't get in an accident, she didn't bump her head, nothing. They were apparently brought on by "growing up." She would have a few a week, nothing major. Well.. with every seizure Jackie had, it slowed her down. Pretty soon she started getting really behind in school. Kids started thinking she was "awkward or weird." People on the outside had no idea what she was going through physically and mentally. She was only at school about half the time. All of the friends that Jackie did have ended up going on with their lives while Jackie had to start living hers at home. Seizures started getting more and more frequent. After 2 or 3 years, Jackie was a puzzle to the doctors. She was seizing every 3 minutes and had to be in the hospital constantly. It was BEYOND hard on my family and parents, but especially my little sister... to this day I have never heard a single complaint from that girl. She is the strongest person that I know. Seeing her go through something so challenging was the toughest thing I have ever had to go through. She has made so many people stronger for facing those challenging things and always keeping a smile on her face. Jackie ended up staying in the hospital for awhile. She lost over 30 pounds in there... she was so exhausted, couldn't stay awake for the life of her. Normally having 1 seizure would completely wear her out, and she was having one every 2-3 minutes for days on end. She missed out on everything. Her whole high school life. That was such a fun time for me when I was her age. It was so hard to see her miss out on that. Not being able to go to Friday night games, Junior Prom, dates.. anything.

About two years ago, (also Jackies Senior year of High School) all the specialists from around the country came together and had a conference on Jackie. A lot of them were completely shocked at her story. But they also said the surgery would hopefully help her to the point she would only have a few seizures a week again. The doctors finally decided to do it. She had gone through enough in the past 6 years. My family was terrified. We were told that she might lose a lot of her memory, have speech problems, among a lot of other problems. She decided that it was worth the risk and she wanted to go for that slight chance that she might be able to live a semi-normal life.

Well.. they cut her head from ear to ear. They went in and took out a 2 inch by 3 inch piece of Jackies brain. They thought they had gotten all of the problem area. The next day Jackie woke up. She remembered all of us. She could still read, write, and do everything BETTER than before. The girl suprised us all again :) She responded really well to the surgery.. for about a year her life was back to normal. Not a SINGLE seizure :) She was able to go out and get a job, try to meet some friends, and hopefully start living her life again. Well about 5 months ago, the seizures started again. We are hoping and praying it doesn't get back to where it was again.

Jackie is really shy now. Back before all of this started she had a cute group of friends, lots of self confidence, would dance around the house and just had a fun life. This situation has really taken a toll on her. I would love to be able to see her like that again and I think a makeover on my cute little sister would help to do the trick and help her be a little more confident. :) She is such a nice girl. Like I said before, I have never in my life heard her complain about her situation that she has been given. She makes the best out everything.. I wish we could all be a little more like her! :)

And why am I writing this post on here?? Well my family is stressed. Jackie is about to go in for that 2nd brain surgery in just a few short weeks. They have been doing testing on her for the past few months. Next week Jackie goes in for a test where they open up her skull, drill a few holes through it and place wires with little electrical pads all over her brain so they can pin point the exact place where her seizures are coming from. They keep her skull like that for 5-7 days and then they will close her back up, go over all of her test results and she goes back in where they will actually cut MORE of her brain out.

Brain surgery alone costs over $100,000 not to mention follow up visits with specialists, etc. My mom was recently laid off and her insurance runs out the end of December. So basically... I am trying to help in anyway that I can! :) 100% of all sales from my boutique this weekend will be donated to my sister and her upcoming brain surgery!! So I thought I would spread the word out into the big ole' blog land! :)

So come and get some Christmas shopping done and donate money to a great cause! Thank you for your support! Oh and any prayers you could send her way would also be MUCH appreciated!! :)

Thank you for reading! Spread the word!


al + sar said...

I will be there Tara! I work right down the street from her boutique and I go to every one! I cant make it until Friday though so hopefully you have some stuff left! Ill be thinking of your family. xo

Natalie said...

I wish I lived in Utah to go to your boutique but your sister and your family are in my prayers!!

Natalie said...

Wow Tara, what a story. I will try to make it tonight or tomorrow, but if I can't, is there some way I could donate to your sister? Let me know. I will definitly be praying for her and your family.

Kara Simmons. said...

Oh my goodness sizz. I am so sorry for your sister! I had no idea she needed another surgery. I will try to make it for sure.

Jami West said...

Tara, I went to Bingham and I don't know if you even know me but I would really love to talk to you about this. My email is Please email me if you get the chance. Thank you!

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