Monday, November 29, 2010

camping in the frigid cold...

We got a new camping trailer after we went to California this fall and really wanted to try it out before it got too cold. Well we got our neighbors on board and left the day after Thanksgiving! We just went to the sand dunes which is about an hour and a half from us. So much for it not being cold.. it was in the single digits the whole weekend!! It was still so fun though. We suprisingly stayed REALLY warm. Like warm enough that I was sweating at night!! We played lots of games, built plenty of forts, ate like pigs, and ate some more....

Our neighbor Pete building scrabble towers! We played a few games of Bananagrams with scrabble tiles.. that is a fun game!

The girls have their own room that they can play in all day long. It is AWESOME not to have their stuff all over the trailer! You can't see this in the picture but Anisten is asleep on the floor under that bunk and there is a bunk above but they are too scared to sleep on the top! Do you see Diesel and Ellie in there too?

Braun makes us gf-pancakes every morning.. oh I love camping!

We brought Kendall along for the weekend!

I beat Braun in PLENTY of Yahtzee games!!

I downloaded a sweet panoramic app on my phone.. these pictures were taken with it! :)

one of our many many forts during this weekend...

This is our cute neighbor, Gage. Him and Em are the same age! He is stinkin' cute. Even though Anisten is now 2, he never says her name without calling her baby Anisten.

Emery LOVES to cook. She is ALWAYS asking to help me with anything I am doing in the kitchen. It is so fun and I love my little helpers!

They kids play so hard all day long. My favorite thing about camping is that I can finally relax! Poor kids fall asleep so quick at the end of the day because they're wacko all day long.

We had some dance parties...

Okay.. I take that back, Anisten is a good snuggler sometimes..

I can't wait to take the trailer back out when it's warm!


troy and erin said...

Fun :) What's the app for the panoramic pics? Those are cool!

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