Sunday, October 3, 2010

Little Sicklies....

Thursday, we all woke up sick in our house with a nasty cold. I had felt something coming on a few days ago and was eating about a million Vitamin C's. They certainly didn't work. I had a chiropractor appointment in the morning and while they did muscle stim on my back, I got a little 1 on 1 cuddle session from my little busy body.


We needed to get out of house and Braun had a few hours before meetings so we met up at Thanksiving Point and had lunch and then went to the petting zoo.

Emery was being so funny. Every time she went around the horsey ring and came near me she would say in her most dramatic voice..."Mommy, I want a teeny tiny horsey SOOOO bad." I asked her where it would sleep and she told me we could just buy it a BIG BIG bed. I just told her to ask her dad. :)

And then there was Anisten. She HATED the horses. Haha! So funny.

We hung out around the bunny cages for awhile! Of course, Emery wanted the teeny tiny ones too.

Poor Emery. Anistens hair has totally passed hers up. Emery has never had a hair cut. Well I take that back. She had a TEENY trim like a year ago. The poor afro just shrinks into tighter curls the longer it gets!

After that, I still wasn't in the mood to head home. We made our way over to Cornbellys! It was opening day.

They have a tent filled with princess dresses for kids and boy dress ups for the boys!

It was a little girls dream!

I found this wig and picked it up for Anisten...she saw it and yelled "Jackie!" Which is my sister who has dark hair. It was cute!

They get to dance onstage to Disney music!

We played there for a few hours. Anisten started getting a bit whiney so we left. This was her after being in her carseat 2.5 seconds! She was WORN OUT!

Anyone out there get a Cornbelly's pass?? LET'S GO! :)


Anonymous said...

Way cute! Your girls are adorable. I LOVE Emery's cute little curls. :) She is BEAUTIFUL!

ScottNLili said...

so much fun!!!! you have the cutest little family!
-and... cut em's hair, take about 1/2 inch off, and it will start to grow like CRAZY!! cali's hair grows like a weed since we started cutting it... try it!

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