Friday, July 23, 2010

These are AMAZING!!

I seriously need to stop eating these but I can't. I guess it is better than eating ice cream or candy right?? Probably not too much better though since I eat like a whole box of them in one sitting. Anyway, if you like tomatoes, salt and garlic... you must buy them. And as I was searching for a picture of the box, I saw the "6 pack bubble" on this picture. I had to click. I need more. Sure enough, Amazon (where I get free 2 day shipping for a year!!) sells them in a 6 PACK!!! Oh boy--Oh Boy. That is dangerous.

Really Tara?? Did you just blog about Triscuits?? Who AM I?


{Layla} said...

you know what is even better? triscuit thin crips (the triangles) with hummus. roasted red pepper is the absolute best but roasted garlic (or garlic and sundried tomato) is delish too! you should try it!

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