Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Well on July 2nd we had just gotten back from the pool, showered, changed and Anisten was napping. I had gotten a babysitter out here for a couple hours and had seriously been looking forward to going somewhere ALONE all week long. Oh what a treat! Well Emery comes running into my room (I was putting perfume on before Lexi got here to watch the girls) when I hear her slip on something and then a big loud THUD followed by a immediate SCREAM! I looked out probably not even a second after it happened and I see blood that has already dripped down her face and has already gotten all on her clothes (not that that is a big deal, just the fact that THAT much blood has already came from her head in a matter of a second was crazy!). I freaked out a little bit, for heavens sakes.. this little girl is accident prone! She had nailed her forehead right on the corner of the wall. I knew I liked our rounded wall corners at home for a reason!! :) After I got a towel on her head, I realized it wasn't as bad as it looked. Just then, Lexi knocked on the door. We debated back and forth for awhile about if I needed to take her into the hospital and get stitches. I am so new at this whole "kids getting hurt all of time stuff!" Sheesh! Well then we called Nicole (a wife out here who is a nurse back home) and she came and checked it out too to see if she needed to go in. Eventually I just decided to take her in and I am glad that I did. It was right smack dab on her forehead so she needed a good looking scar to live with and I would feel awful if it looked bad when it healed! :( Soo.. we drove to the Emergency Room at about 2:45 that day. Lexi stayed and watched Anisten while I went. And now onto the 400 pictures I took to capture the event! :)

Luckily the hospital is like 3 minutes away... It was a children's hospital and so everyone had on the cutest scrubs! The Hello Kitty ones are always my favorite! :)

So for kids they don't stick the numbing needle right into the cut (like they so rudely do to us older people!!) They put on a bunch of numbing GOO and throw a big piece of sticky plastic over it. It has to sit on there for 30 minutes-45 minutes for it to go completely numb. Needless to say, we had a bit of time on our hands! :)

The GOO working its magic!
Then one of the people that isn't quite a doctor, but close (I think they are called a "resident??") came in to stitch Emery up. She was seriously shaking like a leaf! It made me wonder if this was her first set of stitches she has ever done. For heavens sakes it made me worried!

Good to go!
....... and ready for some delicious Baskin Robbins! (and lots of stolen hospital prizes! :) )
She only needed 2 stitches. Nothing major. But come on Emery, a broken leg and stitches by the time you are THREE! I hope this isn't a sign of major things to come!!!

The doctor told me I could just take them out on my own 5 days later since we don't have a primary care doctor out here. I decided Emery would be a lot naughtier for me if I tried to get them out, so we called the trusty nurse over and she worked her magic! Thank you Nicole!

Anisten wondering what the heck is going on!
Well what a fun day that was! I decided that I am unlucky on Fridays out here for some reason.. I found out on a Friday that someone had stolen my credit card information and duplicated the whole card. Oh and they spent $14,000 on it. THEN, my apartment flooded another Friday, Emery got stitches and we are planning on driving home on Friday the 13th. Let's hope my luck changes REAL soon!


The Bakers said...

My three year had to get stiches in her forehead last year I have never seen so much blood in my life. It's the super saddest thing ever. I am glad she was such a tropper for you I couldn't imagine doing it without my husband (I couldn't want them clean the cut out) 7 stiches and a year later she has a nice scar and can always make people give her brother a dirty look when she says he hit her with a golf club (she walked into his club mid swing) Hope your luck changes.

{Rollins Family} said...

tara...emery in BEAUTFUL, enoigh said!

oh, and brave :)

Ryan and Jannali said...

oh geez poor Emery! hopefully Anisten doesn't follow in her steps! ;)
did you guys get our wedding invitation? Are you coming out Aug 13? ah bummer! we'll miss seeing you guys there

The Rindi's said...

Oh man poor Emery!! Brynlee fell and hit her head on the end of my foot board and it GUSHED!! I've heard that head wounds bleed a lot more than the rest of your body so we doctored it ourselves with some butterfly bandages. It worked but she has a little scar right about her eyebrow!! Use vitamin E oil on it and it's supposed to help with the scarring!! Good Luck driving home blah!! I'm so grateful I don't have to drive I am seriously so done with driving all over the country:)

The Belshes said...

Poor Girl! Brings back memories when My Son split the back of his head, and got 4 staples! He was more calm and brave than I was!! Not fun whatsoever!!

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