Saturday, July 3, 2010


For some reason every summer (when I am not near my home!!) I get on an organizing kick. I like to sit there and imagine what I will be able to do when I get home and then I get home and am way too lazy/busy to do it. hah! Well here is what I am dreaming up right now.. but LUCKILY this is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time and I am actually able to do it out here! yayay!! Does this picture make your heart go **PiTTeR PaTTeR** like it does mine?

So ever since having kids, I seriously take at least 10-15 pictures everyday and THAT is usually just if we are bummin' around the house. If we are out, then its like 100! I usually will come home, upload them to my computer.. delete the krappy ones where the kids aren't looking/blurry/orjustplainugly and then leave them on my computer. I currently have over NINE THOUSAND pictures on my laptop with zero room left on my computer! I am excited to try this out. Let's hope mine are as pretty as this picture!

**Taken from Real Simple. Here is what they had to say:

For digital images:
Color-code your collection by storing discs in vibrant cases (slim jewel cases, $11.50 for 25,―blue for parties, green for trips, and so on. Use empty cases positioned vertically and marked by the year as dividers; they’ll extend about a half inch above the others.


Anonymous said...

I saw this same thing a bit ago... done a little bit differently, but same idea. I have been trying to organize mine into an order of some nature. I thought I would do it by year... and then I realized I have too many pics, so its just done by months. I am just now trying to get my pictures renamed in the computer by year, and then they will go onto the discs.

Team Fraser said...

So what are you keeping them in?? A filing cabinet or boxes?

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