Sunday, July 4, 2010

{organizing part deux}

I am loving the Real Simple blog today! I really want to remember these and thought they would be fun to share!

"Make no-mess pancakes with the help of a ketchup bottle: Pour in batter, then squeeze out precise portions."

"A hard plastic soap case is the perfect size to protect a camera stashed in a carry-on bag."
"At a party, stash ice in a colander set on top of a bucket or a bowl. Water will drain out, and guests will get only the solid stuff."
"A giveaway shower cap becomes the perfect wrapper for shoes when traveling, preventing them from dirtying clothes packed in your suitcase. "
There are 50 of these tips on there website! Click here to see the rest.


Ryan and Jannali said...

Love these! they are awesome!

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