Monday, July 19, 2010

Date Night!

We went on a date!! :) those are few and far between out here but when we go, it's as fun as can be! :) we went to benihanas in downtown Milwaukee! I tried sushi. Suprisingly I didn't hate it as bad as I thought??!

Braun said he looked fat in this picture....

So in this picture he was being "skinny!"

The group of us that went!

After benihanas, we went to see Inception. Okay first off, the theater was the nicest theater we have ever been in. There was a posh bar inside, lots of recliners all over and the actual movie theater seats were so cushy, huge AND they reclined! Oh and they had wooden tables to go with each seat! I want a theater like that in Utah! Prices for the movie were $10 so not even much More. totally worth it! :) and inception....WOW!!! it was crazy good. My mind hasn't been that "active" in a LONG time! Hah! Seriously, if you even missed a minute in that show you'd be totally lost. Crazy good though. I want too see it again!

I hope you had a great weekend too!


{Layla} said...

inception was CRAZY. and crazy good.
we miss the thuesons.
let's go camping when we get home.
let's go eat mexican food.
let's go to the OG.
let's watch movies.
let's play super mario brothers.
let's make caramel apples (or one of our many other yummy treats) and play settlers.
and let's thrift. i love that you will be my new thrifting buddy.
much love to you!

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