Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Today at the Farm...

Well our ward here does a playgroup once a week! It's usually at Parks or Splash Pads but today we drove out to Mequon (it's about 25 minutes away and is the cutest little town ever!!!) and went to this little old ladies farm. She had baby cows, donkeys, pigmey goats, chickens, and I'm sure more things I'm forgetting. It was super fun! (besides all of the Mosquitos flocking to my sweet smelling skin! Dang bugs...) anyway as we were leaving the lady brought out a bunch of carton of eggs for everyone! It was awesome and the kids couldn't get over the fact that the chickens they were just running around with were the ones that layer those eggs! Here are some pictures from today!


Poor Anisten--noone wanted to hold her hand and she was getting so mad! :(

We brought food to have a picnic at the farm with everyone but seriously people...mosquitos LOVE me. I wish I felt the same to them but sadly, we opted for a picnic in the Costco grocery cart instead.

Funny Story! Okay so while we
Were at the farm we learned that people eat the chicken innards in stews and such. Brooke and I were disgusted at the thought but whatever--so then the lady told me that a lot of people will even buy the feet from her and eat the chicken feet! I'm sure our faces were ridiculous because honestly, I wanted to barf right there even thinking about it. She even called me a "city slicker!" I laughed... Well then we were all sitting there after the lady brought out our eggs. I was as amazed as Emery was that we were eating eggs from the chickens we were playing with earlier. So here's where I kind of got diahrea of the mouth. Leave it to me to ask seriously stupid things to
Complete strangers. So here's the conversation..

Me-"So I've always wondered, why don't the eggs we buy at the grocery store hatch and have chickens inside???"

Little Old Lady- "Well because they haven't been fertilized!"

Me-"Well how do they get fertilized? Does the boy chicken (aka ROOSTER-me=moron) sit on them and it fertilizes them?"

Little Old Lady- "oh no dear!! the rooster finds his lucky lady, chases her around, jumps on top of her and ... (you know what goes on from there!!) and if that happens on a Monday, Tuesdays egg will be fertilized!" I'm not sure the phrase she used for "the deed!" but seriously, I had no idea that's what happened and I felt like a moron that I didn't know Roosters and Chickens did the dirty. Haha! It was really funny.

Now come on, did you know that about chickens?? I just thought they laid eggs and if you put them in the fridge fast enough it stopped a chicken from growing inside! Haha! I guess I am a city slicker!

Well that was our day! Now if I can remember the funny comment I got while at Costco I'd have more to say... I need to remember cause it was hilarious! :)


The Rindi's said...

Haha Tara I miss spending my summer with you!! Haha that's great!! Kellee and I seriously had a conversation about how chicken eggs got fertilized haha I thought they were like fish the man chicken did his stuff after they were layed so now I know!!! Brynlee would have loved that farm looks like Emery did!!! I do have to say I am happy I don't have to put a jacket on Brynlee though!!!

{Rollins Family} said...

oh my gosh...i'm DYING in laughter from your post yet again!!!

that is my finny story for the week, i love it!!

Janelle said...

I didn't know that about chickens and birds until I watched a Marriage Ref show just last Spring and that topic was brought up! haha we miss you guys!!

jkzank said...

So funny! I miss spending my summer with you too!

{Layla} said...

oh dear Tara, oh dear.

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