Thursday, June 3, 2010

Morning Bike Rides!

We spent the morning at the park. Braun woke up and realized he had a bit of time and so we all went on a bike ride! Did I tell you guys about my last years and this years Mothers Day present? I am obsessed. (and SUPER mad I didn't get one sooner!) I wanted one last year and never got around to researching one to get. REI had their anniversary sale last week and so I took full advantage! :) Here are some pictures of our recent biking adventures!

We bike to this stream near our apartments. The kids LOVE it. I loved it until I saw a giant racoon headed our way! I heard those things are nasty mean!

So to those of you that know me in real life--I swear, I have a ginormous head. I Blame it on the amount of hair I have but guess what?? I was able to buy a small-medium helmet! Go me! :)

Sometimes if I'm feeling super nice, we will bring the dogs along!

These are from today...neither of my girls would look at the camera! Little Stinks!

Emery seriously was going to pee herself so Braun decided to take her to the nearest tree. I am not gonna lie, I've done this plenty of times (yes---I like to pretend I'm roughing it occasionally!) but it was super funny to me this morning. Anisten wanted in on the action. Emery is gonna kill me one day for posting these kinds of pictures! :)

It rained pretty hard here yesterday so the park wasn't very fun today!

I highly recommend getting a bike! We ride 6-8 miles a day and my girls love it! It's such an awesome workout pulling the trailor around. Not to mention, super fun! And wanna hear something awesome? On my first ride around town... I saw
Money flying in the wind. I stopped to grab it and it ended up being 1 $50 and 2 $20's! I found $90!!! I seriously felt like I had won the Price is Right again I was THAT excited! :) hahaha! My bike riding is already paying off!

Anyway--enough of nerdy bike stories, I hope you all have a fantastic day! I'm making Cafe Rio Burritos for dinner and I better get started!



The Morzelewski Family said...

How fun! Maybe one of these days I will invest in a bike....I am still trying to get more use out of my jogging stroller :-) We sure miss ya around here!

{Rollins Family} said...

you won the price is right??!

holy moly you lucky lady!!

Kara Simmons. said...

I made burritos last night too! I wish you had that bike and trailer last summer. I would have made you bike my pregnant bum around St. Paul! Ha.

Iva said...

Happy Friday! Have a great sunny weekend!

{Layla} said...

i guess i'd need an xxs in that helmet then. LOL

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