Friday, May 14, 2010

Quilts and more QUILTS!!

I am loving quilting lately. Sewing the quilt top together is so relaxing and seeing it all come together makes me so excited!!! I have seen a few quilt top patterns lately that I want to make and so what better place to bookmark them than here! :)

I think this Picnic Quilt is adorable. I love the messy flower applique on the top.... and I NEED a picnic blanket this summer! :) PERFECT! The pattern is found here.

and then there is this cute thing. This quilt looks SOOO easy! The pattern for it is found here.
Her blog is fun to look at if you are into sewing!

and then there is this cute quilt from Joel Dewberry's blog. SUPER cute fabrics were used on it and I think the pattern is great as well! The pattern is found on his right sidebar of his blog HERE.

Anyway.. I think thats it for now. I guess I could go through my bookmarks and find some more that I have starred, but for now.. I think I will be busy enough! :) This is the next fabric I have picked out.. Maybe I will make the picnic quilt out of it?

Emery really wanted me to snap a picture of her with the cute fabrics!

and I finished this a week or two ago.. I have NO idea where to send it off to be quilted out here in Milwaukee so this might be just a quilt top for awhile! :)

Look how cute those Riley Blake Umbrellas are! These fabrics aren't normally something that I would choose but I seriously couldn't pass those up! :)

Well that's all for now... I hope you all have a great weekend!


Kara Simmons. said...

Love all the cute quilts you are making! Can't wait to see the finished results of them all.

Caleb and Rachel said...

cute ideas on the quilting. Love allyour fabric choices. that seems to be the hardest thing for me to find... cute fabric. good luck back there.

Anonymous said...

K- I am going to text you about this too... but, I so want you to make a quilt for me. PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEASE? We are getting ready to adopt a little boy and I want to do something for his little bedroom, but I am not finding what I want for his bedset... I am begging for your assistance!!!

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