Friday, May 28, 2010

Minky Blankets!

Did you know that they sell ADULT SIZED minky blankets at TJ Maxx for $15 to $20 dollars??! I never go to TJ Maxx but heard they have good workout clothes occasionally so I decided to check I out! I didn't get any workout clothes but came home with 2 pairs of sunglasses and 2 of the softest blankets in the world! Now--I rarely would buy something that I could easily make BUT you can't even make one of these for that cheap. Minky is usually $13-$15 a yard and these blankets are at least 6 feet tall which by my calculations would be a lot more than what they cost there....And DEFINATELY a lot cheaper than the $100 one I was tempted to buy at Swiss Days! :) anyway....I definately say head to your nearest one! You'll be in minky heaven! :)

Oh and just another funny picture of Anisten---silly girl LOVES her treat cups! :)

--posted from iPhone (hence the krappy pics!)


denielleandshawn said...

I love that you didn't make it home with workout clothes, but you managed to come home with some sort of material. you are awesome!

The Fords said...

I LOVE Minky!! I didn't know they sold them at TJ MAXX. Thanks for sharing! :)

Melissa said...

I LOVE your post about your ward and how friendly they are. Was a great reminder to keep my eyes open for new people. I served a mission and it was SO hard when people wouldn't reach out. I know some of them aren't active anymore because they didn't have enough support. Hopefully we all get to the point where our testimony is strong enough we can make it without that support, but for awhile or when people are going through certain trials they count on others. After I fell away from the church for many years, I KNOW I would have come back sooner then I did if someone (other then family) had reached out. Not sure why I even went through that as a returned missionary, but it can happen to the best of the best. Thanks for the reminder! We all need those! The picture of the lake is BEAUTIFUL!!!! wow! your girls are do stinkin cute!

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