Saturday, May 22, 2010

i'm in a funk....

you guys.. i don't know what my deal is. i seriously struggle with blogging lately. i don't know if it is the process of it..(uploading pics, finding pics, downloading pics, whatever) but seriously... i am struggling with it lately. i hate that i am struggling with it though. some of my favorite moments are looking back through old posts to find pictures of my girls, me, braun, etc. so i NEED to get better. okay that felt good to get that out. now this post is going to be random. prepare yourselves.

i am super excited for church tomorrow. i don't know what it is about church out here but i love it. we are in a branch and i love the small ward feel to it. there are about 5 kids in emery's entire primary. yes.. the whole primary. NOT just the class. there is one other girl her age. i went to get her from class a few sundays ago and back in our home ward, there are so many kids (4 nurserys in our ward alone!) that they have to corral the kids in until their parent comes and grabs them. here, i go in to get her.. and they just let them run free. i sort of had a mini panic attack but luckily she was playing on the stairs with the other (and only) little girl her age. Have I shown you a picture of our church??? isn't it cute? i feel like i am in another country when i see it. sweden perhaps??
emery and i after church one day...

the first week we were there i learned a really big lesson. after sacrament meeting, i had AT LEAST 10 people come up to me and ask me if i were new, where i was from, and just genuinely want to meet me. i felt like a million bucks. after we left i told braun how happy i was to be in that ward. the people were extremely welcoming to us. well the next sunday was fast and testimony meeting... a guy stood up (he was one of the people who had introduced himself to us the week prior) and was bearing his testimony and saying how truly grateful he was to be in the branch out here. he then went on to say that he went and visited a church in Utah and got there about 15 minutes early. he went early so that people would notice that he was new and he would be welcomed by people in the ward. he stood by the front doors and everyone started coming in the building. he was amazed at how many people were in the wards out in Utah. he thought for sure someone would come and say hello. not a single person did. it was also fast and testimony meeting in the ward that day. he got up and bore his testimony and just told the story about what had happened just to open peoples eyes to the fact that if he were an investigator to the church, he definately wouldn't have felt very welcomed by the ward. it made me realize that i need to get out of my little bubble no matter how busy i am with my girls.. there is always someone that is needing my help that i can help out or make feel welcome.

another random... about 6 months ago i couldn't even comprehend what it would be like to not have emery kicking and screaming at bedtime. i would go to bed everynight SOOO mad because of the fight i just had to go through with that girl! remember her cast? i seriously thought it was going to go through the wall sometimes. dang kid! anyway... bedtime is heavenly now. anisten and emery share a room out here and they both love it. we have a 3 bedroom apartment but they both wanted to be in the same room so why not? I am sure we will move them together when we get home as well. anisten is emery's shadow. she adores her big sister sooo much. i love it.

i love milwaukee. when braun initially chose this place i was a little mad/worried/annoyed you name it. but it is A.MAZ.ING here. it is super pretty here. this was taken on mothers day at lake michigan. which by the way.. i am getting my mothers day/last years birthday present tomorrow and can hardly wait!!
the other wives out here are awesome. there are 12 wives here and plenty of kids for my girls to play with. it is funny how all of us are so different but we get along so well. we are constantly saying how excited we are to be able to hang out with each other all summer. we all got together the other night and brought appetizers/desserts to the park. we had sooo many yummy dishes there to try. food and great company... it doesn't get better than that!

emery seriously says the funniest things ever. tonight we walked over to our friends apartment and we stepped into our freshly carpeted hallway... emery looks up at me with her nose plugged and goes..."mom, it smells like beans" it didn't smell a thing like beans so who knows where that came from. last night she was sitting on the toilet right before bedtime and there were ants crawling on our floor (I HATE 1st floor apartments!!) she puts her hand on her head and goes.."those FREAKING ants!" i about died trying not to laugh. she was T.I.C.K.E.D!

today we went to the zoo and to lunch with some wives out here. the kids had a blast. we got passes to the zoo because it is maybe 5 minutes from our house. as we were walking i couldn't help but think how blessed braun and i are to be taking care of two sweet little girls. they were angels today. it also made me feel bad that braun works so much and doesn't get to play with them as much as i do! anisten is sooooo stinkin' cute. i can't get over how much fun she is to have around. and to think.. when she was 6 months i wanted to give her away cause she was such a pain! hahaah! just kidding. i honestly don't know how i made it through her first 6 months of life though. HARDEST-ONRIEST-CRIEDALLDAYLONGEST-baby in the world. I wouldn't wish a Acid Reflux and Colicky baby on my worst enemy. okay maybe i would but still... i don't know how i functioned.

so our pool at our apartments opens next week. i can't even wait. i took my girls to play in the giant hole today and it made me even more excited to swim every single day this summer. i wish i had unlimited funds to buy more swimsuits. i found the cutest suits last week online.. i will have to find the link.

here is emery running away from a GIANT bee in the pool. it was the size of a large beetle. sick!

anyway, i took some sort of "natural" sleep aid and i think it is starting to kick in. i can barely keep my eyes open. (and this post has been boring enough! :) ) have a great weekend! we sure will.. tomorrow we are having a giant office picnic/volleyball tournament in the park! :)



Lyndsie said...

I love your posts even if they are all talk and not many pics!!! You have great things to say! About the church comment.. We have lived in our ward for almost 1 1/2 and we were never greeted or welcomed.. And to this day there are some weeks we walk into sacrament and they still ask us if we are visiting! Granted we dont go everyweek, because of work and vacations, but come on! Sometimes I think here in Utah we have such a big population of LDS that we take for granted all the people we have coming into our meetings new, old, or just visiting. When are you in a different state and the there arent as many LDS people they LOVE to see new faces and welcome them with open arms!! Now I know that this is NOT true in all cases but like you said, just opening up and saying hello to someone whether it be in church or in everyday life can make someones day!!! Thanks for the great post. And your girls are ADORABLE! They remind me of mine a little bit, I have one with super curly hair and so funny, and my younger yound is the total opposite! Pretty quiet but when she gets mad or has something to say she lets you know!!

The Thatchers said...

I am so glad you guys are having fun. I seriously love all the pics. It is absolutely beautiful there!!

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