Thursday, April 1, 2010

{Magic Jelly Beans} --Cute Easter Idea

I saw this on CJanes blog and had to post it here! I think it is such a cute idea.

Buy some "Magic Jelly Beans"

Go and plant them in your yard the night before Easter (this only works then!)

and go out in the morning and see what grew!! :)

What a fun Easter tradition to start with your kids! I guess you can get those suckers at Walgreens for $1. Not bad of a price... Especially because they were about $20 at Disneyland!!!


Ryan and Jannali said...

way cute idea! Easter is so much fun when there are kids involved haha. along with all of the other holidays!

Jennie B. said...

I love it! Remind me of this next year! Darling.

{Rollins Family} said...

I kid you not, i WILL be doing this Saturday night.
This is so cute. THANKS! :)

{Layla} said...

I SO want to do you think Austin would like it? ha ha ha

Team Box! said...

I did it and it was sooo cute! the boys loved it! Especially the digging and planting part :0
Thanks for the great idea!

Joe and Rindi said...

So cute! I heard you can do this with Cheerios too and in the morning put a donut on a stick. I like the suckers better for little girls though!

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