Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Day Today!

Our day has been fun today! I'm going to attempt this blogging from my iPhone thing again to see if it works well! We woke up early to go and buy a few iPhones for Brauns reps. Braun also realized that the 3G iPad had come out so he was all sorts of excited! We got there at 10AM only to realize that the iPad didn't come out until 5PM. Dangit! We came back, had lunch and sent Braun off for the day! It was SUPER nice weather today. 78'!!!!!! Oh baby--nicest weather we have had since we got here 2 weeks ago.

We spent the day at the park right outside our apartments. I layed out our family sized beach towel and watched my girls play with a few other wives in the office!

Emery picked me the prettiest bouquet of flowers....

Got blisters on her feet from
Playing so hard...

And anisten was just her goofy ole self!

Oh my!! I almost forgot...on the way to the park (about 20 feet from my apartment door) we saw THIS!! It's HUGE!

Aaahhhhh!!! Isn't that awful!? I
Can't even imagine all the nasty that's going on in there! Tomorrow I'm going outside and spraying spider killer alllll ovvveer that thing. NASTY!!

BTW--head over to Oh Sweet Sadie this weekend! Go to for the address! Pick up a Car Litterbag or 2 for the Mothers in your life! :)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Little Girls Tunic....

It's times like these when I wish that instead of packing half my house to move away for the summer ... I would have packed ALL of my stuff. hah! I see sooo many things that I want to try and then I remember.."oh yeah, I didn't think I would want that out here." So I leave it back home. Well look how cute these little dresses are for girls. I have a bunch of tanks that would be so cute to use for this tutorial! :) Oh well.. maybe when I get home.

Tutorial is found HERE!

Guess what?? Remember the quilt that I started last summer? Oh. You don't? Well that is because it took me a year to finish. Well today ladies.. (and gents??) I finished it! That deserves a post of its own. (probably with a MILLION pictures because I am so proud of it.) Seriously though.. I don't think I have EVER been more proud of something in my whole life.

Oh and the app used in the post below is called Word Press. It is pretty sweet. :) It would be even sweeter if it were free.. I think it is maybe $2.99?

Guess what else?? I made 2 loaves of banana bread tonight that is making my house smell DIVINE. I can't wait to see the looks on my little girls faces tomorrow morning when they see it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Testing Testing 123....

Well I just bought an app that I am hoping will allow me to post multiple pictures while blogging from my iPhone. Let's see if this works! :) sorry for the random bunch of pictures.

I'm crossing my fingers that this works! Can you see more than one picture??? If so... Can you see 6? :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Disneyland 2010--Day Uno!

Well a few weeks before we left for Milwaukee, Braun and I had a free weekend. We were trying to figure out what to do and the idea popped into our head to take the girls to Disneyland!! (3 days later!) I was hesitant about DRIVING 12 HOURS IN ONE DAY WITH 2 LITTLE GIRLS just getting up and going on a super last minute trip like that!! :) But I am SOOOO happy that we did. We all had such a blast. Braun proposed that we take along our trailer and sleep in one of those campgrounds outside of Disneyland. Now THAT--- I was even more hesitant about! haha! Who does that?? Unless you are in your late 60's I guess! Just kiddin.. we weighed out what would be cheaper and sure enough-- it was the trailer! :) I was SOOOO happy we ended up taking our trailer. It was nice coming back to a place that we KNEW was clean, we could pack whatever we needed to without worrying about space, and heck... even though it was white trash as can be, we had a BLAST!! So on Thursday Morning at about 7 AM-- we left....

and with only a few stops, a few tantrums from the little girl below, and about 12 hours.... we were there. This little girl got to explore the trailer for the first time. (She has been camping before, just before she was mobile!)
We woke up early the next morning and went to the Happiest Place on Earth...DISNEYLAND!! Emery was smiley as can be until an employee told her she couldn't stand on the wall to take the picture. Dang lady.. she ruined our picture! :)

Close up of my little stinker!
Our first ride we went on was the Merry Go Round!! Emery and Anisten were in HEAVEN!!

Next was Dumbo...

Then we were organizing the stroller and looked over and saw a duck! Anisten didn't know what to think about it.
"Stay AWAY from ME!" ---anisten
Braun took one for the team and went on the Teacups with Emery! (that is her little head in Braun's hat..)

This was on the Alice in Wonderland ride. Her face says it all!
and I think mine does as well... yikes Tara! :)
It's a Small World! I still love that ride. My kids were obsessed as well! :)
Emery got "glitter toes" for the occasion!
Anisten was amazed by all of the little people in that ride!
Yes.. Yes we were!

hahaha... Poor Anisten.

This was funny/sad. Minnie Mouse was in a big hurry to get out of Toon Town and Emery hadn't gotten to see her yet. The poor mouse had gobs of people following her and Emery was one of them. She escaped through this door and Emery hurried and grabbed my keys out of the stroller. In this picture, she is trying to unlock the door that Minnie had just went in!
"Mom, these keys don't work!"
Outside of Minnie's house seemed like a good spot to take a breather for a bit!
And snap a few pictures while we were at it! I LOOOVE that I have a little sidekick with me to take pictures doing silly things now! Usually it is just me looking like the idiot! :)

We walked back from taking these pictures and noticed Anisten was chewing on something. I didn't know what it was and then I saw her digging again...
See the little GUMMY-BEAR in the crack?? Yes.. she had somehow found another one and was chowing down. Eeeew!!

Emery got to go inside and see Minnie's house!
Watch her dishes get cleaned in the dishwasher....
AND play Mickey's piano!
My girls are becoming the best of friends.. I LOVE it!
We got to wait in line for about 2 hours to see this guy.... (look at Anisten's faces! She didn't know what to think about this Disneyland thing!)

That Minnie Mouse sure does have a cute house! And check out her cute pink tree.... I want one!

The girls were SOOO tired by about 4.

So Braun and I got to go in the Mad Hatter and mess around for a bit! I was a bit disappointed by their hat selection nowadays. I remember going there as a kid and they had TONS of fun stuff! These hats were the best they had!

Okay so they had this little boutique inside of Disneyland where your little girls could go in and get all princessed up! It was a "Princess Salon" and you got your nails, hair, makeup and dressed in a fancy princess dress! It was the cutest little thing. Too bad the packages were around $200 and up! Are you kidding??? Still.. very cute.
I am OBSESSED with Popcorn lately. You would think I was pregnant or something! So of course, smelling it all day I had to get some!
We were EXHAUSTED by the end of the day! We had told Emery she could pick a present from Disneyland and she wasn't able to find anything in the park that day. We saw a cute store in Downtown Disney and went in for a little while... I probably could've fallen asleep in that store but instead I walked up and down EVERY square inch of that store with an indecisive 3 year old. :) She ended up finding a necklace and earrings that she couldn't live without! This little girl sat and played in the stuffed animals while we searched.
Stay tuned for Day 2!

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