Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts!

So this was a gift that I made this summer for one of the cute wives in the office who was having a little girl. It was a quick and easy gift and I thought I would share it with you! I went to Old Navy and bought a plain onesie and a cute pair of matching shoes. Then I worked around the colors on the shoes and made a cute ruffle bum onesie to go with it. Here are some pictures of it! There are a bunch of ruffle bum tutorials out there, here are a few.

Here (this one is cute.. it has a ton of ruffles!)
and HERE is another one! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girls blog. Be sure to check it out.)

zig zag stitched the edges so that it wouldn't fray too much..

appliqued a heart on the front. I didn't want it too "clean" looking so I didn't fuse it to the front.. I just stitched around the heart with some embroidery thread. This store makes really cute onesies.. I was kind of going for that idea.

I also made a cute matching headband for her to finish off her little gift. Now that is an cute and easy baby gift if ya ask me! :)


The Dales said...

And I love it! Thanks!! Lily is still too small for both the shoes and the onesie! Haha!

Jonathan and Kiri said...

Great job Tara!

AshleyAnn said...

I love those layered ruffles! What a great (and super cute) idea!

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