Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay sorry for the lack of posting.. I seriously have had a horrible week. I get an insanely bad headache daily. I swear.. I wake up with it and I go to bed with it. Todays is terrible and I have had ENOUGH!! I have struggled with headaches all of my life and have seen a few general doctors for it but it never goes anywhere. I swear they all tell me to get my eyes checked and thats it. So questions... does anyone know what kind of a doctor I would call for this kind of thing? Do any of you get them really bad? If so, what medication do you take that you have found to work?

Seriously.. I need some help. I can't take this anymore!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Crochet Project:

Emery lately has been obsessed with all things "baby" therefore she NEEDED tiny blankets for her babies. So the 11 hours to Disneyland and the 11 hours home, I crocheted the edges of little flannel baby blankets for her. She LOVES them and I love that she loves them! :) Well I just came across this "On the Edge... Pillowcase Crochet Along" that gives PERFECT (and funny!) instructions for edging. This would have come in very handy as I was attempting this my first time. Look how pretty it is :) I love me some scallops! and crocheted scallops?? I love it even more.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well our little family is driving home from a last-minute-super-
spontaneous trip to Disneyland. Yes, You read that right.. We
Drove. Maybe we are just prepping our girls for
The 18ish hour drive to Milwaukee in a few weeks. I don't know but I
am sure excited to get home. We all had a case of the colds this trip
and it is just hitting me. I've popped my ears at least a thousand
times on the drive home to try and clear some of the "my head is going
to explode" feeling going on in it! :(

Anyway..the girls had a blast! We were able to dine with the
princesses and emery squealed with excitement every 30 seconds it
seemed like! :)

We took so many fun pictures that I can't wait to show you! Hope
you've all had a fun week!

Addresses for Fashion Q!

What is it with everyone going down to Vegas lately?? I have gotten like 10 texts (and am really sorry if I never wrote you back.. I have been on a vacation myself..pics to come!) from people asking for the addresses of the Fashion Q's! I figured I should probably put it on my blog so everyone can come get it here if they go! :) Okay so these are some of the Fashion Q's. There are also a few in malls there but I only go to the Strip Mall ones. They are bigger :)

And their addresses are:


Happy shopping! :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

{Crochet Basics Class}

Hey there.. remember AMY from THIS post?? Well she is teaching a crocheting class this weekend! Click this picture for more detailed information. You will love this girl. Call Pebbles to sign up today!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{cute as can be}

is this not the cutest picture ever?? i saw it earlier and cannot get it out of my head.

i hope you had a happy day!

Found @ Better Than Fine

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts!

So this was a gift that I made this summer for one of the cute wives in the office who was having a little girl. It was a quick and easy gift and I thought I would share it with you! I went to Old Navy and bought a plain onesie and a cute pair of matching shoes. Then I worked around the colors on the shoes and made a cute ruffle bum onesie to go with it. Here are some pictures of it! There are a bunch of ruffle bum tutorials out there, here are a few.

Here (this one is cute.. it has a ton of ruffles!)
and HERE is another one! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE this girls blog. Be sure to check it out.)

zig zag stitched the edges so that it wouldn't fray too much..

appliqued a heart on the front. I didn't want it too "clean" looking so I didn't fuse it to the front.. I just stitched around the heart with some embroidery thread. This store makes really cute onesies.. I was kind of going for that idea.

I also made a cute matching headband for her to finish off her little gift. Now that is an cute and easy baby gift if ya ask me! :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tara and Didi's Techinicolor Dreamcoat!!

Anyone watch American Idol this year?? Well I was bored (I don't love this season.. I actually haven't watched a full episode yet!) and noticed DiDi and I have the same taste in clothes!! :) Either that or she shops at Fashion Q in Vegas.


Me in my fabulous Technicolor Dreamcoat. (No... I didn't buy it. I wanted to, but sure am glad that I didn't. It was my crafty side that wanted this thing!)

Check out this Crocheted Goodness...

Funny huh?? And again.. NO.. I didn't buy that. It was one of the hundred things I tried on that day. Do you ever go to Vegas?? If so, you MUST check out Fashion Q. Text me when you go.. I will get you the addresses to the best ones. Crazy Crazy cheap clothes. You will all love it.

One bad part about Fashion Q is that you are in a combined dressing room with a lot of ladies that don't care if you see their tata's. It is a little sketchy in there, but worth it. haha!


Haha.. okay, I have to start this post off by saying I have a very weird sense of humor. Most of the time, you will find me thinking up random things and then laughing like crazy at them when I am by myself. Okay... now that we got that out of the way...

I have this friend.. her name is Amy. She has BY FAR the most amazing curly hair you will ever come across in your whole entire life. Amy.. I need a picture to post right here. Where is your favorite picture of you with curly hair? Well one day I asked Amy what her ritual is to get her hair to go the way she has it. Well it sort of went like this..."well, I brush my hair before I get in the shower, then wash and condition it. Then I get out of the shower, blot my hair with a towel. DO NOT COMB my hair, put some really sticky (almost glue-like) product in my hair, then go back to the tub, half rinse it out...more products, diffuse, and about 5 more steps that I don't remember..." Seriously though, when you see her hair curly, you just stare in awe of it.

Oh here we go, I sort of found a picture of it. She is smack dab in the middle of this, oh and one to the left of it too.. look at those smooth, non frizzy, perfectly curly locks.

Well, we all know my struggles with getting those perfectly curly locks. Oh you don't remember? Well, there is this post. And then there are a number of different hair experiments that I have tried over the past few years..


Doing this to your hair can provide very different results...
One day it can be this..

and the next day you look like you came straight out of the 80's...

And then there was the Jessica Simpson Wig Purchase... worst $50 bucks I have ever spent...

At least my mom and I got a good laugh out of it!

Well I would like to tell you all, that today I came near close to VICTORY. After trying hundreds (no exaggeration, either) of hair products to get the type of curls I was going for with MINIMAL frizz, I found what works for me.
And it almost makes me mad to type these out because it was so easy. (It isn't even close to Amy's amazing curls, but I tried.)

What I did:

Showered last night

Put (my favorite) anti-frizz product on.. Morroccan Oil

Watch 4 hours of 24 until 1 AM while letting your hair air dry

Go to sleep with a damp fro

Wake up with the most awful looking hair on the planet and have your husband making fun of you for a good hour

Your hair will be close to dry (if you have ma-HOO-sive amounts of hair like I do--if you don't maybe it would have been dry last night)

Since I do have curly hair already, my hair forms into a bunch of dreads. Take each dread, and curl the ends of it so they aren't poking out crazy ways.

Put about another teaspoon of Morroccan oil through your hair and WA-LAAHH! Soft bouncy curls! (Seriously.. I need to stop blow drying my hair, it is sooo crazy soft today. I love it!)

It is a little frizzy but I like it like that!

And if you are like me and can go DAYS between washing your hair, the frizz will be less and less each day! Who knew.. I didn't even have to use any curl products at all?? Best part about it.. it took about 5 minutes.

Now since we are on the topic of Body Hair... I have two funny things to share. Last night Braun was waiting for me downstairs to come and watch 24. I realized earlier that day that I was in DIRE need of a leg and armpit shavin'. Braun recently threw our razors away after watching something on the Discovery Channel about some lady having to get her leg amputated and almost dying after shaving her legs with an old razor. Anyway, I had taken about 2 weeks worth of showers and hadn't shaved once because I had no razor. So I send Braun this text:

Me: Braun, I am going to hurry and get in the shower and then I will be down to watch 24.

Braun: Oooh-- I am going to come and join you!

Me: Only if you will shave my hairy armpits?

Braun: Oh YES! Do I need to bring the electric clippers? And should I start with a #3 or a #4? I don't want the clippers to get bogged down.

Anyway... I laughed about that for a good hour.

And since I have exploited my hairyness, I might as well exploit my husbands. The Thueson guys are the hairiest men ever.. okay maybe not ever
(I think this man may have Braun beat)

But a few times a winter, Braun gets sick of the static his hair creates and shaves it all off. I walked into the bathroom the other day as he was shaving his chest and had to snap a picture.

And that was just his chest and arm hair! haha.. funny.

Anyway, this may have been the longest blog post about hair in the history of blogging. I hope you weren't too bored.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Do you love brownie edges??

Then this pan is for you!! I saw it at the store the other day and
didn't get it. The more I think about it though, I realized
what a fantastic invention that it is and that I really need one! :)

Found at my new favorite kitchen store Sur La Table.
But you can get it online at places like this.
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