Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Refashioning Techniques!!

Well.. I didn't get around to making (the delicious recipe!!) what I was going to today. Instead I hung out with Rachel and we let our kids run crazy in my house. It was fantastic and just what I needed! :) Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow. Until then.. I saw this post today and loved it. What a great idea to extend the life of your kiddies clothes and make them even cuter while your at it!

Check out all of her cute refashioning techniques HERE! Click through the archives.. she has a LOT of fun ideas on her blog!


Shantay said...

Hey Tara I'm Jennie's sister-in-law Shantay and I went to high school with Braun...I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog you have the cutest craft ideas.

Christensen's said...

I love this girls blog! I've been meaning to try and make some of the stuff she has on there but never find the time! So cute!

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