Thursday, December 30, 2010

chenille baby blanket...

I really want to try this!! The possibilities are endless with it and think of how cozy it would be! :)

The tutorials for it are found here:
and here:

photos were found on flickr.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

happy as a clam...

We took the kids to go and see Tangled. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest movie ever! By far my favorite princess movie. It is so much fun being able to go out with both of our kids, do something we all love and not have to get a babysitter!

We got us a large popcorn and no joke, Emery seriously ate ALL of it. I had one handful and I was not in the mood for it. That girl and her popcorn... she LOVES it!

Anisten watched it for a good hour or so and then the stairs looked a lot more fun for her. She is a lot busier than Emery ever was. Emery would sit there and watch 5 movies in a row if I would let her!

Creepy eyes...

Holy smokes.. I love my kids. They are seriously the best. Funny story...Emery totes Diesel around with her all day. I will find him in the sink, laundry basket or other random places she will hide him. She thinks that if she sticks him in those places, he won't dare jump out so she always knows where he is. She has also become a cheeseball.. She will come up to me with this big grin on her face and say..."Mom, I just love Diesel soooooo much. I just wanna SQUEEZE him because I love him so much."

Funny thing is, I do that to her all of the time!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010....

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! I want to get caught up on here and so hopefully I will be posting a lot in these next few days. We had such a great Christmas this year. Christmas is so much more fun with kids. Christmas Eve day we went to lunch with my family at Texas Roadhouse. We enjoyed about a million rolls, cheese fries, awesome blossoms, etc.. it was divine. I have ditched the gluten free living lately. Seriously though.. I need to get back on the ball because I feel like I have 100 year old joints. Ugh! This is the only picture I got at lunch that day.. I sure wish I would have taken a picture of Emery though. She sat on Santa's lap this year and told him that she wanted "Red Lipstick and Mascara" and the red lipstick part, she was sporting on about half of her face!!

That night, we wrote letters to Santa Clause. Emery was really concerned because she had forgotten to tell her that she wanted the princess barbie set from Target! So we had to be sure to leave that on his note. We left out Oreo's and Milk along with some carrots for Rudolph!


We all opened up some Christmas jammies and went to bed! P.S. Victorias Secret Satin mom pajamas are AWESOME! Soooo comfy and worth every penny.

Christmas morning was AWESOME!! I swear, I am so much more excited about Christmas than my kids are! I was tossing and turning all morning while my kids slept peacefully in their beds! Finally at 10:30 I went and woke them up. Anisten walks around in these pj's and calls herself "Lella" as in "Cinderella" all morning long. Cutie.



The first thing they ran to was from Santa! They LOOOVED this and were so excited for it. They ride around on all of the neighbor kids' jeeps and whenever we go camping, they steal their friend Gage's. It is going to be so fun for them to have! And heck, the thing plays the actual radio... Sweet!




Santa even brought the dogs some treats!!



Anisten was a little tired at first...


Emery got some great presents from Grandma and Grandpa Hathaway!


Anisten got the princess heels she has been wanting....



We went to Hawaii a few weeks ago and Braun was dead set on buying the girls some crocs! Anisten is literally OBSESSED with shoes lately. The second she wakes up she wants them on and she wears slippers to bed! They were extremely excited about their new shoes!


Anisten got some coloring books and movies from Grandma and Grandpa Hathaway!



And somehow Santa got the memo that Emery wanted those princess dolls! Lucky girl.... :)


The present aftermath...




We went to Braun's parents for dinner that day and got spoiled some more! We got an awesome camping table (we are slightly obsessed with camping!) and a wheat grinder! Then we went to my parents after and ate some more. Oh my goodness... we got Just Dance 2 for the Wii that day. It is the best game EVER!! I am a sweaty, breathless mess after I play it but it is awesome. I was about crying from laughing so hard. Anyone want to come and play?? SOOO FUN!

We had such a great Christmas. Although it is so much getting gifts, I hope you all were able to do something charitable this Christmas season. It is so much fun receiving things but it is ten times as good when you can help people in need! :)

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Update on Jackie #2...

Day of Surgery...

After her hair got chopped (due to the massive rats nest in it.. no joke, her entire head of hair was a big tangled ball) and it had a few days to heal a bit....

Sooo... Jackie is out of the hospital!! She was in there for a little over 2 weeks. Maybe 3?? Now I don't remember. Jackie had only had a 2 seizures while she was there so after 2 weeks they decided not to leave those sensors on her brain anymore. It could cause a lot of things like infections, clotting, etc. So on Monday, they said that no matter what, Jackie would have that final surgery done that Thursday. We were praying for seizures to come so that they would know the exact spot the seizures were coming from to remove it. Well on Wednesday night she had 7!! They were all long enough that the doctors could read where they were coming from. It was a huge relief. Well turns out the seizures weren't just coming from the spot they thought they were. A lot of them hit that center spot but they all didn't originate from there. That wasn't the best news to hear but there is good that comes from knowing that as well. So she went in for surgery that Thursday. They took out a small piece in the center of her brain. They think that her seizures will come back eventually but now that they know that they come from all over, there is some shocking sensor thing they can put on her "vegas nerve" that when that nerve feels a seizure coming on, it shocks it and calms it down. They don't know if her seizures will come back 3 months from now or 10 years from now... we are definitely hoping for the latter! :) Thank you for all of the prayers, well wishes and support!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

camping in the frigid cold...

We got a new camping trailer after we went to California this fall and really wanted to try it out before it got too cold. Well we got our neighbors on board and left the day after Thanksgiving! We just went to the sand dunes which is about an hour and a half from us. So much for it not being cold.. it was in the single digits the whole weekend!! It was still so fun though. We suprisingly stayed REALLY warm. Like warm enough that I was sweating at night!! We played lots of games, built plenty of forts, ate like pigs, and ate some more....

Our neighbor Pete building scrabble towers! We played a few games of Bananagrams with scrabble tiles.. that is a fun game!

The girls have their own room that they can play in all day long. It is AWESOME not to have their stuff all over the trailer! You can't see this in the picture but Anisten is asleep on the floor under that bunk and there is a bunk above but they are too scared to sleep on the top! Do you see Diesel and Ellie in there too?

Braun makes us gf-pancakes every morning.. oh I love camping!

We brought Kendall along for the weekend!

I beat Braun in PLENTY of Yahtzee games!!

I downloaded a sweet panoramic app on my phone.. these pictures were taken with it! :)

one of our many many forts during this weekend...

This is our cute neighbor, Gage. Him and Em are the same age! He is stinkin' cute. Even though Anisten is now 2, he never says her name without calling her baby Anisten.

Emery LOVES to cook. She is ALWAYS asking to help me with anything I am doing in the kitchen. It is so fun and I love my little helpers!

They kids play so hard all day long. My favorite thing about camping is that I can finally relax! Poor kids fall asleep so quick at the end of the day because they're wacko all day long.

We had some dance parties...

Okay.. I take that back, Anisten is a good snuggler sometimes..

I can't wait to take the trailer back out when it's warm!
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