Tuesday, December 29, 2009

{Maui Day 3}


Okay so everyone told us that the Road to Hana was super lame and not to do it. We did it and had a blast! :) Here are a bunch of picture from that day. Seriously, it is such a pretty drive! You have to do it in a jeep or something without a top though. Much better.

Started out our day early. I think it was around 7AM or so. We went and ate a delicious breakfast at the hotel.

This was our daily view at breakfast everyday! :)
Then it was time to get the jeep ready to drive to Hana!!

We made a few stops along the way. This was one of our favorite stops! Prettiest waterfall! I don't think we got a shot without us covering it though.. sorry!
We made it to Black Sand Beach! I guess there is a Red Sand beach somewhere close to this. We stopped and asked a lady where it was and she told us we would "break our FACE" if we went to it! Apparently it is quite treacherous??
Proof of the Black Sand/Rocks!

We were walking to this cave and all the sudden we were surrounded in branches!! It was like a spider web! So of course, we had to hang on them and take silly pictures!

Cheyenne and Dave had swam into this underground cave so you can't see them in this picture and Braun was about to head their way!
Time to head back! :)
We made a pit stop in Hana at a hole in the wall restaurant. We got some AUTHENTIC (yeah right.. they totally sell them at Costco!) ice cream filled coconuts! Yum! Look closely in Brauns glasses..

Then we made it to the 7 Deadly Pools! It was so fun! The water was FREEZING. I for sure wasn't going to get in but when I realized I was the only wussy one, I gave in. We hiked up to the highest waterfall and swam through this "Pool" (I swear, it felt like a lake.. I about drowned mid-POOL!) haha! It was awesome up there. Noone was up there and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Anyway, we swam over to the waterfall and the boys played in it for a minute while us ladies froze. Then we swam back and the boys did a little cliff diving!

See the waterfall clear in the back of this picture?? That is where we hiked/swam too!

That night we went to dinner at a place called DUO. There was a Kobe Steak at this restaurant that was $170!! INSANE! No, I didn't order it :) But seriously, this place had THE BEST Mac N' Cheese I have ever tasted in my life!

(WOW.. this post sure was picture heavy! There are about 300 more too! haha!)


Joslyn said...

I love all the pictures! I love the one of Braun's sunglasses! Are you really blogging at 3:10 in the morning!!!?

Christiansen's said...

The road to Hana FREAKS me out. I am already like the worst back seat driver EVER, let alone on a tiny narrow road with a HUGE cliff that is like 3 inches away from the road :). I totally know what you mean when you were talking about the freezing cold pools, I have a picture of me 7 months pregnant by the first picture you have by the waterfall. I am surprised my baby didn't freeze inside of me. Glad you guys had fun! P.s. are you selling car liter bags anytime soon I want one SO BAD! :)

The Thueson's said...

Yes!! I couldn't sleep AT ALL last night! After I blogged this, I watched a whole episode of CSI NY too! I'm already paying for it today though. I'm SSOOO

Nancy said...

LOL! I saw those coconut things at Costco today. Maybe they sell them to costco? We want to go to Hawaii really bad or anywhere warm to get away from this snow!

Maria said...

How fun! You're making me super excited for our trip to Maui!! So you guys were there for Christmas?


I love the road to Hanah I am glad you made time for that! Its sooo beautiful!! We loved all of those places that you went. Did you get to see the blow hole? Its pretty crazy.
Glad you guys had such a fun trip. You are such a skinny little thing!!

Olivia Carter said...

Oh man, that place looks amazing! I'm so jealous!

Cat said...

Woah , it totally looks amazing Miss T:) , I <3 it.I full on love the car;) , it`s so classy!
P.S. your way skinny! jelous. xo`

cassandrasue said...

Just found your IG via poppy and dot, ended up on your blog while trying to get baby to nap haha and I had to comment to say we took the roaf to Hana for our honeymoon in November of 2009. We also took a white jeep and highly recommend it! The open top makes such a difference. Funny timing. Miss Maui.

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