Tuesday, December 15, 2009

{Maui Day 1&2}

I really wished that I would have blogged my Maui trip (heck-even journaling it would have been awesome too!) last year so this year I will. (So {hopefully} if we get to come back next year I can look back and see what I did! So I will start with yesterday.. we woke up at 7am to get out the door by 8:30. I felt like I had been hit by a bus when I woke up.. Braun and I went to bed a little after 4am the night before!!! It was snowing like crazy which made me even more excited to get out of Utah!! We dropped the kids off at Grandma and Grandpa Thueson's and I didn't even shed a tear! :) I have been soooo busy lately I can't even tell you how excited I was to get out of there and relax with my hubby in paradise! We got to the airport around 9:45, ate at Squatters (like last year!--its delish!) and then boarded our plane. It was seriously exactly like the plane from THIS VIDEO which put that song in my head for HOURS that day. I really didn't mind though since I am obsessed with that exact part of that movie. I wish that I could get Braun to dance like that with me! Okay.. enough about the Brady Bunch! So anyway.. we had been sitting on the plane for about 30 minutes maybe (I had already fallen asleep!) when the pilot got on and said there was a part that they were waiting for and it wouldn't be in for another 5 hours! YIKES! There are about 60 of us in the group that got to come and they were going to try and re-route us. APX had chartered a few planes for us once we landed in Oahu to take us to Maui so it wasn't going to be that easy to switch our flights. They gave us a few free meal tickets and so we headed back to Squatters to eat some more! Somehow we got lucky and ended up getting a flight out of here after only a couple hours. I slept the ENTIRE time. Seriously, the stuartess asked me what I wanted to drink as I was half asleep and I know for a fact my eyes were totally crossed and before she could even hand it to me, I was back asleep! Yikes. That's embarassing. We landed in Los Angeles and ate some more food at El Cholo! (with the raunchiest waiter EVER!!!) I got to watch 500 Days of Summer, Four Christmas' AND The Time Travelers Wife on the plane. Why did I watch Time Travelers Wife on the plane? I was so embarrassed that I was bawling my eyes out as people walked past me.. but couldn't turn it off! We landed in Maui late last night. We all gathered around the luggage thingy and waited.. waited.. and WAITED some more! Finally we realized our luggage was not coming! They had no idea where it was. Awesome! Seriously.. us Thueson's have the WORST luck with getting our luggage. Poor Braun had to go an ENTIRE week long cruise with NO luggage only to find that it had been on some idiot girls couch the whole time! Anyway, we went and rented our Jeep and headed to our hotel! We are staying at the Grand Wailea and it is BEAUTIFUL!!

We pulled up and all of the trees are lit up so pretty!

It is so weird seeing all of the Christmas Trees and Holiday Decor here with it being as warm as it is! Christmas is supposed to be snowy and cold! I could definately get used to this kind of Christmas though :)

My hair is HORRIBLE in this kind of humidity! Seriously, why couldn't I be born with straight hair? My hair gets so huge and fuzzy here!

Our cute room with lime green walls! :)
You can't really see me in this picture but I am in there! (to the left of the fountain)
There are AWESOME nude statues all over this place. They are all of really large (SUMO STYLE!) ladies with large bosoms and bootays! Here I am being twinners with the hefty one behind me!
We went and bought some new swimsuits at our hotel so that we could lay by the pool at least! Our luggage finally got in today at like 4. Phew! I was so happy to see my things!

We hung out by the pool, got some lunch, and layed out some more today.. I came back to the hotel room and got a nap in while Braun went to the store with the guys! Tonight we went to Ruths Chris for dinner. OH MY GOSH!! Have any of you had their Sweet Potato Casserole?? Holy smokes. It is seriously like dessert. Wow, I am still stuffed from dinner but am laying in bed totally wishing I was eating some more like.. NOW!

Tomorrow we are driving the Road to Hana. We never did it last year because I didn't want to get hemroids from sitting for so long!! hahahaha!! I am totally being serious.. don't you remember?? I was super pregnant in Maui last fall? I heard you get those bad boys if you sit down for too long. And NO.. I don't know that from experience!

I saw these pictures tonight and just had to laugh! Wow.. can you believe I still had 2 months to go in these? And to think.. I was even bigger when I had Emery! WOW!

Want to see some of the swimsuits I bought for this trip?? Target actually has some cute ones this year!

Ooh! Target has the CUTEST black ruffley one piece! I can't seem to find a picture of it online though. Maybe I will wear it tomorrow and take a picture for you! It is SOOO cute! Ooh.. nevermind. Found it!

Can you tell I LOVE ruffles?

Cute lil' Betsey Johnson! She has the cutest swimsuits I have ever seen. I thought I was done swimsuit shopping but when I didn't have a suit for today, I had to go get these babies!

Drumroll please... look how dang cute this suit is!!! I saw it tonight and fell in love! It kind of reminds me of lingerie just not see-through! :)

I wish her swimsuits were cheaper.. cute one pieces and tankinis are SOOO hard to find and I LOVE these ones too!

This one is velvety!
(all of these swimsuits are at either Target or Nordstroms!)

Anyway.. this post was wayy longer than it needed to be. It is 3:30 AM (Utah time) and I can't sleep. Therefore I BLOG!! Be back tomorrow!


Team Box! said...

Holy Crap!!! I'm obsessed with your suits, now you got me all excited for swimsuit season!!! A little too early!
I hate that your in Hawaii right now, no dang fair!!! Have so much fun :)

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