Monday, November 2, 2009

Poor Emery!

Well I am trying to blog everyday this month. I NEED to get better. It
drives me CRAZY that I haven't blogged much lately! Anway.. I've gotta
get a post in before the day ends eh?! Little Ems got a new addition
to her leg. Poor girl! I'll post all about it tomorrow but until then
I'll leave you with her pretty little face!


{Rollins Family} said...

oh man, i hope she is doing ok and handling that sure looks like she is excited for it!! :) LOVE IT!

Ashley said...

That is a HUGE cast for such a tiny girl!!

{Layla} said...

I still can't believe she BROKE her foot! One minute the girls are playing princesses and the next...broken foot. geez! And we all thought she was just being a little drama queen-poor thing! Well I can't wait to sign it- I bet she's lovin that it's hot pink! ;)

Angela said...

Love the HOT PINK! Sorry about the cast though.. that can't be easy for either of you!

BTW: I tagged you in a meme.. don't hate me! :) Trying to get back to blogging and a friend tagged me. Now I need to post something really important!

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