Thursday, November 5, 2009

Piper and Chloe & Bijou!

For all of you Northerners, there is a happenin' boutique going on up in Farmington. I was just there setting up tonight and they had lots of cute things! :)

Go HERE for directions!
It is Friday from 10-7 and Saturday from 10-5

I wish I would have taken pictures when I was there setting up. They have such cute things there! So even if you don't live close.. head up anyway!

And we can't forget about the Southerners either! This Saturday is Bijou Market. The hottest boutique Provo's ever seen. (Okay so I've actually never been but I am sure it will be equally as awesome!) This boutique is a one day-ER! So head on over there early and get some awesome Christmas goodies there too.

Go HERE for directions.


Joslyn said...

Aww man, I got all excited for a minute when you said "and we can't forget about the southerners"....I thought maybe there was a boutique down here in Cedar or St.George! Dang- there's always fun stuff going on up north! :)

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