Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Sweet Sadie!!

Sorry for the teeny picture.. I couldn't get the invitation to pull up! Just go to their BLOG for the full effect.

Well guess what this week is?? The BIGGEST Oh Sweet Sadie yet.. Ooh I am sooo excited. I hope to get a lot of fun Christmas gifts at it this week! Oh did you know that I am almost done Christmas shopping? Well I sure am! Nothin' like starting early this year! :) I am also making a lot of my gifts this year which has been fun too. ANYWAY... It starts Tuesday night with a kick off party from 6-9. Now I know the invitations don't say anything about it being on Tuesday.. that is because it is INVITATION ONLY so consider this all of your invites!! :) There won't be near as many crazy ladies shopping, free treats, live music, you name it! So be sure to come sometime this week! It goes from Tuesday night to Saturday night and is filling up a GROCERY STORE!! Yes.. you read that right. AN ENTIRE GROCERY STORE!!!!! AAAHHH! I can hardly wait! Okay.. enough rambling. It is going to be awesome so be sure to head on over! TaTa!

Ooh my family is celebrating an early Thanksgiving today and I am throwing my "healthy lifestyle" out the window for the night and am not even going to feel guilty for it. I can hardly wait..


The Thatchers said...

I'm telling Jeremy!! haha! Just kidding!! I haven't been doing too well lately!! This move has thrown everything out of whack!!

Question...are you going to be getting any more moroccan oil anytime soon?? I am almost out!

Jacey said...

What's the address for your show??!!

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