Saturday, November 21, 2009

Knit Head Warmer Pictures!

Sorry.. I wanted to post these yesterday but seriously Oh Sweet Sadie was crazy this time! 5 days was LONG for a boutique! It was so fun though. Thank you to all of you that came and showed support to all of us vendors!

Now onto the pictures of the headbands! They look adorable on toddlers all the way up to adults. I got asked a lot if they are one size fits all. Yes they are. BUT I have found that the thin bands are a bit tighter than the thick bands. The thick bands do have a double button though if you would like them tighter so I'd say they are both about the same. I tried them on my little 3 year old today and she looked SOOO stinkin' cute!

Okay so I am almost all the way sold out but will have LOTS more the middle of next week. I will take pre-orders if any of you are interested!

For the Thin Bands..



Hot Pink

I also have a tan color that I apparently forgot to take a picture of!

Next week I will have Black, White, Grey, Tan, Mustard, Brown, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Red and Ivory.

Now onto the THICK bands...
These can double as neckwarmers which I LOVE!!

This is pretty much all the colors that I will have with the exception of Light Grey, Olive, Navy and some two toned bands.


Rose (one of my FAVES!!)



Dark Grey


Mustard (another FAVE!)



Dark Pink


Burnt Orange


I pretty much have one of each of these available currently (no large blacks though). If you would like any of them, email me at bitsyblossoms{at}gmail{dot}com with your order. I will sell them first come- first serve! Oh and the $1 shipping deal is still going on! :)


Buckland Family said...

Hey Tara, I need a dark gray and a mustard one. Do you have any left?

Heidelweiss said...

I love these headbands! I'm wondering if you'd be willing to part with the pattern for them? I just want to make one for myself (I'm much too slow a knitter to make any profit ;)). Anyway, thanks so much for any info you could give me!

Vernos said...

Hi tara, how much are they? I'd like a thin hot pink one and a thick rose one( it's like a rose heather, right?)

Courtney said...

Hi Tara,
My name is Courtney I just ordered two headbands from your etsy site and wanted to say how cute your stuff is. Also, I just want to confirm with you that you have the right address to send them to. The address I would like to have you send them to is the one in Colorado, NOT the one in San Francisco....sorry to be a weirdo about this but when I went to check out with Pay Pal it said they were going to be shipped to my old address in San Francisco and I don't live there anymore.....

Hope this makes sense!


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