Sunday, November 8, 2009


So Braun and I took a Sunday drive today to St. George today and are
now headed back. What made me excited about driving this far was that
I could crochet the whole way. I am obsessed with crocheting lately!
It's so relaxing to me. Well I just thought I'd share a picture of my
dorkiness. When it gets dark and you can't see to crochet anymore...
Wear a HEADLAMP!! seriously.. BEST.INVENTION.EVER!!!

And hopefully (if I don't have to keep starting this dang hat over
cause I (keep) screw(ing) up) I'll be able to show you what I made
tomorrow! It's DANG cute!


{Layla} said...

ohhh what are you crocheting me??? ;)

Mike, Felisha, and Brynlee said...

Haha I love it!! Will you teach me how to do flowers? I know I asked before during the summer and I never followed up but I am serious now I really want to know!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, these look alot like the ones our shop buys wholesale online . . . hmmmm

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