Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guess What???!!!!!

Guess what I will be selling at Oh Sweet Sadie tomorrow??... I will give you a hint. They are this years HOT item... They are DANG cute... and they come in PLENTY of colors. Okay give up?? Here they are! Oh man.. you have NO idea how excited I am.

Head bands that double as neck warmers!! :)

Be sure to get there early (By early.. I mean 10!) because I am sure they are going to sell out quick.

I will have tan, purple, maroon, mustard, light pink, dark pink, cream, brown, black, grey, turquoise, red, dark red, and I am sure a few more that I currently can't think of.

Hope to see you there bright and early!

If you can't make it to the show, email me.. I will certainly ship them to you!

OH... pricing. Yeah, that might be important eh?? So for the thick ones that you see in the top 2 pictures.. those are $17 or 2 for $30.

The thinner green one (I won't have green.. sorry.. I know you are all so disappointed! :) ) are $15 or 2 for $28.

Pictures of all colors available will be on the blog tomorrow!


Christensen's said...

These are adorable! I just bought 2 last weekend and am now obsessed with learning how to make them myself.... that could take awhile so I might just have to stop by and get some today!

Anderson Adventures said...

Tara I love these headband/neckwarmers. How much are they? You are sooooo talented. I would love to be able to do that. I even tried buying a "how to crochet" book and I couldn't ever figure it out. I live in AZ now so I can't make it to the show this year.

The Thueson's said...
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The Thueson's said...

Hey! Okay... so don't go get them today because they won't be there until tomorrow! I am going to stock it full tomorrow at 10AM! And thanks so much! They are going to be $15 at the show tomorrow. (Well 1 for $17--2 for $30) I will post pictures on my blog tomorrow and so you can see all of the colors! :)

The Staples Fam said...

Tara.. this is Jodie Staples.. I won't make it to oh sweet sadie but i'm wondering if I can buy a black one from you. Do you have a website that I can pay on? Or can I send you a check? Let me know. Thanks!

The Perkins Family said...

oh my you make all those? tell me you dont...cause if you do...HOW? FIRST OFF, how do you have the TIME! must be on speed. haha..jk anyhow, they are adorable. love them.

The Staples Fam said...

I ordered one on paypal.. but did not specify black.. hope you remember! :) Thanks

The Laybourne's said...

Who tought you how to knit? is it hard??? I want to learn so bad!

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