Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's on your Wish List??

Head on over to Today's Mama to check out this AWESOME giveaway. I am totally crossing my fingers to win!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

{Count your Many Blessings}

Well for Thanksgiving this year we are headed to Idaho to visit Braun's grandparents. As much as I am excited to visit them, I am also so excited that I get to spend a whole weekend+a few more days with my husband! I feel like I have been so busy lately with boutiques, kids, cleaning, errands & whateverelseisinvolvedinlife! Needless to say I am CRAVING a nice break from my house and all other duties.

This Thanksgiving I am so incredibly grateful for my husband and kids. I seriously am the luckiest girl. I sometimes sit back and look at my life and wonder what I did to deserve it. I have the greatest husband ever...

..the best family a girl could ask for...

and the most darling little girls!

I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! See you next week! :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Are your breakfasts similar to
Mine?? I swear, I feed my kids and they still attack the second I get
food of my own. Silly girls! :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Knit Head Warmer Pictures!

Sorry.. I wanted to post these yesterday but seriously Oh Sweet Sadie was crazy this time! 5 days was LONG for a boutique! It was so fun though. Thank you to all of you that came and showed support to all of us vendors!

Now onto the pictures of the headbands! They look adorable on toddlers all the way up to adults. I got asked a lot if they are one size fits all. Yes they are. BUT I have found that the thin bands are a bit tighter than the thick bands. The thick bands do have a double button though if you would like them tighter so I'd say they are both about the same. I tried them on my little 3 year old today and she looked SOOO stinkin' cute!

Okay so I am almost all the way sold out but will have LOTS more the middle of next week. I will take pre-orders if any of you are interested!

For the Thin Bands..



Hot Pink

I also have a tan color that I apparently forgot to take a picture of!

Next week I will have Black, White, Grey, Tan, Mustard, Brown, Pink, Purple, Burgundy, Red and Ivory.

Now onto the THICK bands...
These can double as neckwarmers which I LOVE!!

This is pretty much all the colors that I will have with the exception of Light Grey, Olive, Navy and some two toned bands.


Rose (one of my FAVES!!)



Dark Grey


Mustard (another FAVE!)



Dark Pink


Burnt Orange


I pretty much have one of each of these available currently (no large blacks though). If you would like any of them, email me at bitsyblossoms{at}gmail{dot}com with your order. I will sell them first come- first serve! Oh and the $1 shipping deal is still going on! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Update on Headbands!

So I have had a few people ask me if I will hold them or ship them because they can't get to Oh Sweet Sadie tomorrow. I will gladly do that! :) So if you have paypal.. you can paypal your payment to or just click the linkys!

Prices and Colors are as follows:

$15 or 2 for $28- Thin Head wrap Colors Available are:
(check tomorrow for pictures!)
Hot Pink

Thin Headwrap

$17 or 2 for $30-Thick Headband/Neck Warmer Colors Available are:
(again.. check tomorrow for pictures!)

Light Brown
Light Pink
Hot Pink

Thick Headband/Neck Warmer
Which Color?

If you would like your item shipped, please add $1.00 to your order. Yes, I am probably going in the hole on shipping but thats okay! :)

I will need to get payments for them before 9:30AM to be able to hold them before the show! I know this is way last minute but I wanted to give all of you bloggers a chance at them before they are gone at the show!

AND to sweeten the deal......... If you post about this on your blog.. I will give you $2 off your order!! (just be sure to mention it on your invoice!) and I will refund charges!

Guess What???!!!!!

Guess what I will be selling at Oh Sweet Sadie tomorrow??... I will give you a hint. They are this years HOT item... They are DANG cute... and they come in PLENTY of colors. Okay give up?? Here they are! Oh man.. you have NO idea how excited I am.

Head bands that double as neck warmers!! :)

Be sure to get there early (By early.. I mean 10!) because I am sure they are going to sell out quick.

I will have tan, purple, maroon, mustard, light pink, dark pink, cream, brown, black, grey, turquoise, red, dark red, and I am sure a few more that I currently can't think of.

Hope to see you there bright and early!

If you can't make it to the show, email me.. I will certainly ship them to you!

OH... pricing. Yeah, that might be important eh?? So for the thick ones that you see in the top 2 pictures.. those are $17 or 2 for $30.

The thinner green one (I won't have green.. sorry.. I know you are all so disappointed! :) ) are $15 or 2 for $28.

Pictures of all colors available will be on the blog tomorrow!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial!

Check out how dang cute these pumpkins are! I love them. The vintagey-feel, the pops of color, all of it! If I had a spare second lately (yeah right.. look at the post below for my excuse!) I would totally be making these. Anyway.. just thought I would share!

Tutorial found HERE!!

Scroll back through her posts too... She has got a great blog! :)

Oh Sweet Sadie!!

Sorry for the teeny picture.. I couldn't get the invitation to pull up! Just go to their BLOG for the full effect.

Well guess what this week is?? The BIGGEST Oh Sweet Sadie yet.. Ooh I am sooo excited. I hope to get a lot of fun Christmas gifts at it this week! Oh did you know that I am almost done Christmas shopping? Well I sure am! Nothin' like starting early this year! :) I am also making a lot of my gifts this year which has been fun too. ANYWAY... It starts Tuesday night with a kick off party from 6-9. Now I know the invitations don't say anything about it being on Tuesday.. that is because it is INVITATION ONLY so consider this all of your invites!! :) There won't be near as many crazy ladies shopping, free treats, live music, you name it! So be sure to come sometime this week! It goes from Tuesday night to Saturday night and is filling up a GROCERY STORE!! Yes.. you read that right. AN ENTIRE GROCERY STORE!!!!! AAAHHH! I can hardly wait! Okay.. enough rambling. It is going to be awesome so be sure to head on over! TaTa!

Ooh my family is celebrating an early Thanksgiving today and I am throwing my "healthy lifestyle" out the window for the night and am not even going to feel guilty for it. I can hardly wait..

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yes... you better believe I am BRAGGING!!!

UMMM.... I am speechless!! Let these pictures do all of my talking. I usually say dumb stuff anyway! :) My niece Kendall, nephew Kaidon and BRAND NEW nephew Kingston.

Oooh.. aren't they cute??? To see bigger and better pictures (or just to look at some awesome photography..) Go visit Skye Johansen's blog HERE!

Kid Leash!!

Sooo... I am not really one to leash my children but am definately not opposed either! Kids are nuts in the grocery store (or at least MINE IS!!) and this is a way to make your own CUTE one!! :) My little one would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Dora Leash I'm sure!

Best part about it is it looks super easy! Tutorial found HERE!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rose Petal Tee!

Isn't this adorable too?? This is definately going on my TODO list! (along with about a million other things!)
Tutorial found HERE.

Pom Pom Wreath!

Oh my goodness... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wreath!! Isn't it awesome? I could think of about 10 different colorways that I would love to have in my house at different times of the year! :)

Find the Tutorial HERE!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Pictures!

Well we got our pictures done by my friend Amy Clark a few weeks ago. She did ours last year too if any of you remember! Anyway.. I just thought I would share a few! We took them at the cutest orchard up in Provo. Emery was GREAT for the first little while and then started to be such a stinker and only making goofy faces. Silly girl! Anisten was an ANGEL the whole time. Such a happy little girl! And Braun stepped in deer poop half way through which was pretty funny too! Oh and the best part about it is none of us died from all the falling apples! :)

Now onto the pictures..Here you go! And if you would like Amy to do some pictures for you.. here is her blog! The Clarkys!

Oh dangit.. I just realized I uploaded all of the Low Res files. That is why they are a bit blurry. I'll upload some of the larger ones later! :)

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